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Firstly, please read the description of each listing, most times it will give you the scale and length (width and height of the vehicle).  Particulary the smaller scaled cars.

Diecast model cars are measured by scale.  If you are thinking of purchasing a diecast model car, you need will need consider what size (and type of detail in the car) you want.  The following information is a guide only to help and understand the different scales used in diecast model cars.  The four scales are most commonly (or standard sizes) used by diecast manufacturers. Scale sizes are usually rounded up or down to the nearest cm.

For example:
1:1 scale means the item is of actual size
1:2 scale means the item is half the actual size.

1:18 Scaled Cars

1:18 Scale model cars can range slightly either way, however the Ferrari below is measured approx. 24cm Long.  This a a very popular scale manufactured by many companies like Hot Wheels, Maisto, Greenlight, Sun Star..  Prices vary depending on detail, for example a $30-$50 car will have basic details (hood, doors may open and interior/engines may likely be plastic moulded). However a model car $50 - $80 may have a more detailed interior and engine with smaller defined parts.  Maisto, Greenlight,Yatming, Sun Star Standard Range, Shelby offer a reasonably good quality car in this price range. Cars over $100 are where you would expect highly detailed engine, interiors, working partsMinichamps, Hot Wheels and TrueScale manufacturers specialise in the higher detailed cars, Sunstar carries a platinum and have good detail.

1:24 Scale model cars

A popular size with manufacturers like Jada, Maisto and Motormax.  These cars average from $20-$35 therefore engine detail, interior detail and paint quality are basic and not of very high standard. 

Maisto 1:24 Cars

As mentioned above, price depends on detail.  Maisto 1:24 scale cars are entry level cars and average around $20.  Don't expect great detail with these cars. Hoods and doors may open (boot often don't). However engine, undercarraige and interior detail is pretty basic, usually plastic moulded with no defined detail.  Paint work is quite good although minor blemishes may be present. Wheels may roll but no steerage movement. Overall a mix of diecast and plastic, paint work and detail quality reflects its low price of $20.00.

Jada 1:24 Cars 

Average around $30 - $35 car with opening doors, hoods and boots (most of the time).  As mentioned above, the $30 price mark reflects quality and detail.  Jada's engines and interiors are quite detailed, although still mass moulded. Some engines (and undercarriages which are usually plastic) have finer chrome detail, interior gauges, pedals etc are a little more defined. Jada's paint quality can sometimes be 'hit an miss'. If there's an issue with Jada, it's usually because of the paintwork quality.  To expect higher detail, higher quality paint work and more working/defined parts, a buyer would need to move on to a higher price range.

1:43 Scaled Model Cars

Popular and can vary slightly in size either way around the 10cm mark.  A little bigger than the 1:64 scale and are popular as collectibles.  Usually no opening parts, however quite detailed on the outside. I have Vitesse brand in this range

1:64 Scale Model Cars

Think of match box or hot wheels cars in your local department store and you have the approximate size of a 1:64 model car. This scale is very small around the 5cm – 7cm size and detail is basic (don’t expect a lot of detail due to its small size).  . M2 Machines produce surprisingly good detail for such a small scaled car – certainly worth a look.

1:87 Scale Model Cars

Very, very small model cars around 4-5cm in length.  HO scaled for railway models. I have Cooee 1:87 scaled cars, wheels rolls but that's it nothing opens and detail is reasonably good considering the size of the model.