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IC Diamond application instructions
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IC Diamond Application Instructions.


Prior to application make sure the HSF and CPU are clean. To do this, use Isopropyl Alcohol 90%+ pure (This is available from the chemist and is very inexpensive.) or something like Arcti Clean and a lint free cloth or coffee filter paper. A clean HSF and CPU are extremely important for best performance.
IC Diamond is composed mostly of diamond powder, and as such is quite thick. Proper application is critical to optimum performance. Squeeze onto the centre of the CPU an amount of IC Diamond compound about the size of a pea (5.0mm to 5.5mm) on the centre of the CPU where most heat is concentrated. Place the heatsink on the CPU and press it down to spread IC Diamond over the CPU's surface. Clamp the heatsink and power up the PC. Once the Heatsink is mounted, the compound will spread out and cover the CPU and settle into a uniform thickness in about 2 hours.

With HDT Coolers you can try this method as well and see which works best for you. Fill in the gaps between the Heatpipes and the aluminium fins. Rub the IC Diamond in to the gaps very well to make sure there are no air pockets. (The air bubbles cause a failure in the grease, under pressure and heat they expand creating voids and early failure of the compound. Air is also an insulator, so in effect your sink is riding on a cushion of air. This effect will impact performance and greatly decrease the long term reliability of your mount. Also warm up the HDT Cooler and the IC Diamond so they are easier to work with. This allows you to work the thicker compound into the gaps more effectively. Otherwise it can be a little hard to make it stay between the pipes and aluminium fins. Then wipe off any excess leaving only the TIM between the heatpipes and aluminium fins and perhaps leaving a very slight haze over the copper of the heatpipes. Then apply to HDT Cooler as you do with all other coolers, a pea sized blob on the CPU. Or apply 2 thin lines on the aluminium fins about ¾-1 CM long. Try both and see which works best for your setup. The pea sized blob on the CPU has worked best for me.
When applying the ICD 7/24 sometimes it worthwhile warming it in some hot water prior to application this helps with the application. Just put the body of the syringe in the water for a few minutes, not the plunger. Then apply to the CPU as per application instructions and attach the cooler ASAP, so the ICD7/24 is still a little more viscous /fluid. This makes it easier to apply as it is very dense because it is bulk loaded with 92% micronized diamond particles and this just makes it a little easier to work with.

IC Diamond Reliability.

IC Diamond was originally designed as a high reliability T1 or T2 compound for use between the IHS and CPU or between IHS and sink. IC Diamond is highly bulk loaded with over 92% micronized diamond particles, 94% fully bulk loaded counting other misc. particles. The highly loaded mix is required to limit pump out due to thermal cycling, basically the reasoning behind it is that it is harder to pump or bake out a solid than a lesser, lightly loaded liquid type compound grease. Bake out and pump out are well known and documented as primary causes of grease failure. A viable or optimal compound is one that utilizes as little of any kind material (liquids)as possible that would be the central cause of a TIM joint failure, while at the same time maintaining the best thermal performance possible. With the introduction of IC Diamond Thermal Compound we believe we have managed all the criteria for an optimal TIM by combining both performance and reliability. Effectively suitable for the system builder, performance hobbyist or OEM customer and the extreme overclocker.

Troubleshooting Guide

Clean the CPU thoroughly to remove all previous paste applications completely. Use ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL 90%+ Pure (available from the chemist and is inexpensive) or Arcti Clean or similar with a lint free cloth or coffee filter paper. Any residual pastes, lint, dust, etc and your results will be adversely affected. Follow IC Diamond 7/24 Application Instructions. Don’t use other manufactures instructions to apply like a grain of rice, in a line, etc. IC Diamond 7/24 is highly loaded with diamond particles and as a consequence its consistency is very thick. It requires maximum allowable high pressure to achieve a proper Bond Line Thickness (BLT). A lightly pressure loaded heatsink will produce a thicker joint which increases resistance, compromising performance and/or increase cure times.

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