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Will Bluesky Last Longer Than 14 Days?

Yes, however you may see nail regrowth after 14 days. It lasts longer on Toe Nails as they grow out more slowly. 


Does it Really Work? How does it work?

Absolutely it works, we still get people emailing and telling us how amazed they are at the product.  As you read above, from Professionals to Grandmothers who use and love the product, they would highly recommend it. The product's active ingredient is the UV3 technology that reacts with the UV or LED light to cure and dry the polish like a gel. The gel like properties are what gives Bluesky it's durable wear without damaging your natural nail.


What does  Bluesky Gel Polish feel like when it's on?

The fluid application and feel is like that of Normal Nail Polish.


Why do I need to File, Buff and Clean the Nail?

This is to ensure any oil, natural or other does not affect application process and ensure your lasting flawless finish.


Will Bluesky Gel Polish be added protection for my nails?

Yes, it will protect your nails also from your daily activities and give them a chance to grow.


Does Bluesky Gel Polish Removal damage the natural nail?

No. Bluesky Gel Polish has been developed and tested for years to offer the perfect formula. However, any pre-existing nail conditions will remain and may not be suitable to use with Bluesky Gel Polish.


Will Any Personal Products Affect The Durability?

No, it has been designed to withstand the rigors of daily wear.


Is this suitable for professional use?

Absolutely, I have many salons and Beauty Therapists using this product that are exdtremely happy.



What is the Difference Between the UV and LED Lamps?

UV takes double the time to cure the uv gel polish (LED Lamp takes 1 min, UV Lamp takes 2 minutes)
LED Lamp last 7-10 times longer than UV Lamp or 25-30,000 hours! That’s a lot of applications
UV Lamp bulbs need to be changed every 6 to 12 months vs. the LED where you NEVER change a Bulb!!
LED Lamp easier for transport
LED Lamp as adjustable timer function from 30, 60 and 90 seconds vs. UV lamp which only has a built in 120 second timer
LED Non harmful to the skin
LED Saves on your power Bills as it draws less electricity

Personally I much prefer the LED lamp and this is what I use, I don't have to worry about replacing the bulbs, it's faster and easy to take with me when I do my friends nails!


Does It Cure Other Brands As Well?

Absolutely, it cures Other Brands and Bluesky Gel Polish as well as Acrylic.


What Nail Polishes Can Be Cured with an LED Lamp?

Polish bottle type gels that DO led-cure:

IBD gelac
Supernail gelous
Ez flow gelez
Hollywoog Gel Polish®
Harmony gelish
Chu Joe
Mtnc quik gel
Jessica geleration
NSI polish pro
Entity one color couture
Salon gel

Bottle types that DO NOT led-cure:

Lechat perfect match
Light elegance P2


Will the UV Lamp fit your toes in to do toenails?

Yes you can fit one hand or set of toes in at a time.


Does the Lamp Come With a Warranty?

Yes, it comes with a 1 year manufactures warranty

Covering the lamp of manufacturing defects on the lamp for personal domestic use.

Replacement of bulbs are not included unless faulty, bulbs should be replaced every 6 months.


What are the Dimensions of the Lamps?

ITEM Height Width Depth
36W UV Lamp 10cm 22cm 24cm
Mini 12W LED Lamp 75mm 60mm 75mm


Can I use the Lamp to dry traditional nail polish?

Yes, absolutely.



What is Covered in my Postage?

FREE standard* postage within Australia includes:

1. Tracking
2. Insurance

Standard: FREE delivery*. Delivery time is usually within 2-3 business days and includes registered eParcel with tracking for three or more colours and bulky items so you can check the status of your order every step of the way.

Please note that delivery of one or two polish bottle/s only does not have a tracking number.

For an estimated delivery time, please see the table below.

Free Standard Delivery Australia Wide

What Delivery Options Are Available?

1. Regular Postage through Australia Post – FREE to All Australian Destinations
2. Local Pick Up – FREE
3. Express Postage through Australia Post – Cost varies on parcel weight, please see listing for details or contact us.

Can you express post to my place?

Opt for Express shipping if you'd like your item to be delivered super fast.

Express: FAST overnight delivery to destinations within the express post network. Express delivery may be calculated by either actual weight (kg) or cubic weight (length x width x height in cm x 250), whichever is greater.

The Express Post network covers 80% of Australian business addresses, private addresses and post office boxes. If your item is for an address outside this network, we'll use the fastest possible transport links, but it won't be covered by our Next Day Guarantee.

To check whether your area is covered within the express post network, please see the table below.

Express Post Network Coverage

To view more details on express post, please visit Australia Post.
I have not received my item yet
If you have not received your item/s yet, please let us as soon as possible and we'll fast track this for you. We always want to ensure that you get your goods the soonest time and in perfect condition.
How are items packed and shipped?
We carefully wrap and pack your items to ensure they arrive safely and we use Australia Post Standard eParcel and Express shipping options as well as a range of fast and reputable courier services to get your items to you as quickly as possible.

 Combined Postage

Do you combine postage for multiple purchases?

Yes we do! We automatically do this for you.



What Payment Methods Are Available?

Direct Bank Deposit
Cash when picking up


 Warranty, Exchange, Returns & Refund Policy

**Please note under Australian Laws, Beauty and Cosmetics Items cannot be returned or refunded due to health and hygienic regulations.**

Do you have a warranty?

**Please note under Australian Laws, Beauty and Cosmetics Items cannot be returned or refunded due to health and hygienic regulations.**

Our polishes are not covered in the warranty. However, should you received a smashed polish bottle in transit or the quality is not to standard, we offer replacements covered by the back-to-base warranty. Lamps are covered in the one-year Manufacturer's back-to-base warranty.


Do you accept returns?

**Please note under Australian Laws, Beauty and Cosmetics Items cannot be returned or refunded due to health and hygienic regulations.**

Please note all sales are finals, so please consider before purchasing. In the instance that the product you received is NOT to standard or in working order, let us know what has happened. We will respond within 24-48 hours with a response and action to be taken.


Do you accept refunds?

Please note all sales are final, so please consider before purchasing. In the unlikely event you purchased in error, or a product you received it Not to standard or in working order please contact us, let us know what has happened. We will respond within 48 hours during business days with a response and action to be taken. Please note under the Australian Laws, Beauty and Cosmetic items cannot be returned or refunded due to health and hygiene regulations. In the event of a refund it will be processed, less opened and used nail polish, postage, and packaging costs. Please consider this before purchasing. Thank you for your understanding.


Who pays on postage costs for returns, refunds and exchanges?

The buyer is responsible for all postage costs as implied in the Back-To-Base Policy.


Tips and Tricks

How to Achieve French Manicure


1. Prepare the nail as you normally would

2. Shake and apply your Base Coat then Cure

3. Shake and Apply your French White Tip (Suggested colour #01 or #26) then Cure

4. Shake and Apply the colour coat over painted White French Tip

(Suggested colours # 13 ,23 or 20 ) Then Cure

5. Shake and Apply Top Coat Then Cure

Suggested colours:

French White - Use Colour #01 or #26

Over the French White-There are a few options: 

Colour # 13 - Pale transparent Pink with slight pearl/glitter (recommended)

Colour # 23 - Clear coat if you want the traditional look french manicure

Colour #20 - Clear with very fine glitter if you want something different


How can I add loose glitter over the colour coat?

Yes, once you have done your base and 2 colour coats, sprinkle the glitter on the nail while it's wet and then cure, finish with top coat and cure.


UV Gel Polish Troubleshooting

I just started using Bluesky Gel Polish and I'm having challenges with peeling, what does this mean?

Bluesky has been rigorously tested and  is being used by thousands of individuals and salons around the world.  It is imperative that the application process is followed correctly. Firstly, ensure you are preparing the nail properly to remove excess nail oil.

Secondly and MOST importantly. This is the key, you MUST apply very thin coats of the Base, Colour Top Coats to ensure it's durability. Another tip salons use is to paint the edge of the nail to seal it further.

Note- That if you are applying the polish too thickly then it will lift, be careful also not to file the nails too much as it loosens the bond between the UV gel nail polish and your natural nail.


How do I know is the coat is thin enough?

You must ensure that each coat just covers the nail with liquid and may almost be tranlucent for some colours. If you discover you have any other questions we have not covered, we are available 24/7, simply email us your questions and we'll cheerfully and promptly respond within 24 hours.

Contact Me


Does the Condition of My Nails Make a Difference to the Results I Will Get?

Yes. If you suffer from any fungal infections or your nails are damaged as a result of using acrylic or other products, please seek advice before use.

If your nails are damaged from Acrylic, the best course of action is to use revitanail and circle oil for 6 weeks to get condition of the nails back to normal then use Bluesky Gel Polish, because it won't work if the nail are damaged and weak, splitting and peeling.