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No more tossing and turning… No more staring at the ceiling... No more waking up stiff and sore… Just deep, restful sleep.

The Perfect Mattress
The Perfect Mattress

We’ve combined world-first materials and advanced sleep technology to create the perfect mattress specifically for Aussie conditions. Our weather is different to anywhere else in the world, so your mattress should be too.

120 Night Guarantee
120 Night Guarantee

We’re so confident you’ll love your Koala Mattress that if you’re not getting the best sleep of your life in the first 120 nights we’ll pick it up for free and give you every cent of your money back.

Free 4-hour delivery
Free 4-hour delivery

Conveniently packed and delivered in a small box. We offer free express delivery Australia wide and a free 4-hour delivery service in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Adopting Real Koalas
Adopting Real Koalas

Our mission is to protect the future of our national icon by adopting one sick and injured Koala with every mattress purchase.

Proudly Australian owned and made

starting from $650

Uninterrupted sleep from the moment you drift off to when you wake up fresh and rejuvenated to take on the day.

Have a partner who tosses and turns all night? Or maybe you’re the one who likes to practice sleep acrobatics. Whoever the guilty culprit is, our Zero Disturbance Technology™ will make sure you don’t interrupt each other’s slumber. It’s like sleeping in separate beds without having to give up the cuddles. You’ll wake up refreshed, energised and ready to conquer each day.

You won’t find this luxury in a conventional spring, latex or memory foam mattress. This is a world-first innovation only found in the Koala Mattress.

Free 4 Hour Delivery

We use the latest compression technology to pack your mattress into a convenient box. No more struggling to carry and squeeze a heavy, oversized mattress up stairwells and through doorways. And we’ll deliver it straight to your doorstep for free so you can slip it straight into your bedroom without having to enlist the help of the local CrossFit gym.

Soft? Medium? Firm? It doesn’t matter

Here’s a little secret the mattress industry doesn’t want you to know… All those choices of firmness are really a gimmick. It’s a way to sell outdated, inflexible metal spring or latex mattresses.

We know the entire human population doesn’t fit into 3 categories of ‘firmness’ so we’ve designed the Koala Mattress with three layers to absorb just the right amount of pressure from your body wherever it’s needed. This means it’s comfortable for everyone - regardless of your shape or size. Imagine a soft, gentle hug, not too firm and not too soft, just right.

Not only that, our exclusive K-4 Comfort Layer also supports the natural posture of your spine. This will help relieve any back, shoulder or neck problems. And unlike latex or memory foam mattresses it really breathes so you won’t get those frustrating hot spots or wake up sweating in the middle of the night. It’s better than anything else on the market today (we’re the highest reviewed mattress on, and once you try it we’re sure you’ll agree too.

Take 120 Nights to Fall in Love

Sleep, play and lounge on the Koala Mattress for 120 nights. If you don’t fall in love with it, just let us know and we'll pick it up for free and give you a full refund. That’s right. No useless store credits, no re-stocking fee, no pick-up fee. You’ll get back every cent of your money, no questions asked.

And if you decide to keep your Koala Mattress you can rest assured we’ve got your back with our comprehensive 15 Year No-Sag guarantee.

Is it a latex mattress?

No. During our extensive research to create the perfect mattress we found the natural latex mattress had significant problems. It’s very heavy and retains a lot of heat. You can reduce the weight by just using a latex mattress topper, but that still leaves the issue of heat.

Even the best latex mattress tends to run warm. That’s the last thing you want during our long, hot Australian summers. Even hybrid latex foam mattresses get too hot in our experience. That’s why we created an entirely new material for the Koala Mattress that breathes enough to keep you cool through summer, but keeps you cosy through the chilly winter.

Is it a memory foam mattress?

No. As with latex mattresses, during our research we found the standard foam and memory foam mattress had problems that prevent the perfect sleep. Like latex mattresses they tend to retain a lot of heat. And even using a memory foam mattress topper will have you waking up flustered and kicking off the covers in the middle of the night.

We also found high density memory foam can often mould to your body too much, making it difficult to move around. With the Koala Mattress’ K-4 Comfort Layer you’ll get the same spine support of a memory foam mattress but instead of acting like a straight jacket around your body, it’s more like a soft, gentle hug.

Do you have mattress sales?

No. Our mattresses are already one third of the price of similar quality mattresses on the market. We can sell them at such a low price because unlike other brands we don’t place a huge mark up on our mattresses.

We don’t pay for pay huge commissions to salesmen or rely on networks of middlemen that add extra costs at every step. We make the mattress, we sell them and then we deliver them directly to you whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth or anywhere else in Australia. That means less costs for us and a lower price for you. So you could say compared to other brands we have a mattress sale every day of the year!

The Koala Mattress is a 100% Australian made mattress.

That’s actually quite rare these days. You’ll find most mattresses are made overseas with cheap labour for bigger profits. But we believe it’s very important to have Australian made mattresses because not only does it mean more jobs for Aussies, but it also means we have full control over the quality of our mattresses.

That’s how we can make sure that every mattress we make will give you the perfect night’s sleep.

Is it safe to buy a mattress online?

Yes! In fact, we believe it’s much better than buying it in a store. You see, you can spend five, ten, thirty minutes lying on a mattress in a store but that doesn’t tell you anything about how well you’ll sleep on it.

And even if you get a trial period you usually have to pay $50 to have it delivered, and then another $50 to have it picked up! With Koala Mattress we’ll deliver it FREE right to your door. Then you get to test it for 120 days before you make your decision. If you don’t love it we’ll come back, pick it up for free and give you a full refund.