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  • Moulding and Casting Kit New Resin
 Make Your Mark Art Supplies has a NEW moulding and casting kit that is designed to be easy to use and give great first time results. This kit is great for someone of any level of moulding and casting experience to use, whether for the first time or an experienced craftsperson or professional. This kit has been put together with safety in mind and the materials chosen for their environmentally friendly and safe handling properties. If you want to make reproductions of something like a sculpture, carving or a natural object, this kit will get you started. These are professional grade materials used extensively by artists, industrial professionals, crafts people and restoration specialists. Here is what you get in the kit:

The flexible moulding rubber material

Por-A-Mold S333 is a two-part mould making system made of liquid urethane rubber, which cures at room temperature. This version of the Por-A-Mold system is designed as a medium grade rubber (Shore A33±2) for multipurpose use. The rubber, when cured is a light blue colour. The rubber is coloured to make mixing easier. When mixing once a uniform colour is achieved it is indicated that the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and can be poured over your original object. This is a pouring grade rubber moulding material and is normally poured over an object which has be mounted in a container, either constructed or existing such as a wooden box or plastic container. Por-A-Mold is easy to use both in mixing and curing. Por-A-Mold S333 systems can be measured one to one by volume, eliminating the need for expensive weighing equipment, and are cured at room temperature without the use of special heating elements. Kit Breakdown 1x Por-A-Mold S333: Part A (947 ml) + Part B (947 ml) 1x Aqua-Resin® Kit: Powder S (600 g) + Liquid L (300g) + Assorted fibre glass reinforcing materials. 1x EZ-Kote M3 Release agent, 250 ml Casting and moulding information sheets with tips and techniques.
 We have a whole range of excellent moulding materials you choose, you'll find Por-A-Mold's ease of use extends beyond its simple mix ratios and short room temperature cure time. Please contact us if you require an alternative rubber. The Por-A-Mold S333 system comes with its own instruction sheet. The Por-A-Mold S333 has an approximate pot life of 20 minutes and a gel time of about 45 to 60 minutes. The master/original object can be demolded after an overnight cure at room temperature with the mold reaching full strength after three days. Some master objects constructed from materials such as plaster, wood or stone may need to be sealed with paint, lacquer or craft sealer to stop the rubber from too deeply penetrating the objects surface and sticking. A good coating of EZ-Cote mould release agent is also required before pouring the Por-A-Mold S333.

The Rigid Casting Resin

The Aqua-Resin® system offers easy to use, water based, water borne, non-toxic, opaque, moulding, laminating, and casting materials without the usual health risks or fumes generally associated with conventional resin systems. Aqua-Resin® products were developed to fill a need not only for safer materials, but also to provide working properties and versatility not found in other materials. Aqua-Resin® products are designed to be easily mixed, applied, moulded, adhered to, cut, tooled, sanded and feathered, finished and painted; all this while providing optimal strength for its intended uses. These uses include: prototypes, architectural castings, mannequins and figures, stage design and film sets, repairs and restorations, sculpture and other 3-dimensional applications. Procedures for using Aqua-Resin® closely parallel those of conventional resin systems; anyone familiar with common casting and moulding techniques should have no difficulty adapting Aqua-Resin® to their particular applications. However, unlike most resins Aqua-Resin® does not heat up to cure so there is no thermal damage done to moulds. Aqua-Resin® comes with a variety of proprietary glass reinforcing materials to add strength to laminating projects.

EZ-Kote M3 Water-Based Release Agent

Designed to be used in conjunction with Por-A-Mold moulding and urethane casting systems. This release agent is non toxic and water based. It can be applied with a brush or added to an atomiser (not supplied) and misted onto the surface or any object.

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