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What Compound Suits you?
Find what pad suits you by looking up your type of bike, along with the type of riding you mostly do.

BIKE                                    COMPOUND
Commuting                              Organic
  + Extra Bite                           Kevlar

10-500cc Road Bikes
Commuting                              Organic
Standard Brake Performance     Kevlar
Advanced braking and riding      Sinter
Occasional Track Visits            Sinter Sport (Coming Soon)
Track or very aggressive riding   Sinter Ultra (HH) (Coming Soon)

Dirtbikes / ATV's
Basic Offroad Riding (Not for Wet)  Organic 
On-Road commuting                      Kevlar
Offroad use                                   Sinter
Offroad occasional racing               Sinter Sport (coming soon)
Offroad racing                                Sinter Ultra HH (coming soon)

High Powered Sports Bikes
Daily Commute                              Kevlar
Advanced braking and riding            Sinter
Aggressive braking and riding          Sinter Sport (coming soon)
Occasional/casual track use           Sinter Ultra HH (coming soon)

Daily Commute                              Kevlar
Long Trips                                     Sinter


Organic Compound - The daily commuter pad, a low budget alternative for the riders who tend to ride A to B when excessive braking is not required. Not suitable for high powered, heavy or offroad applications.

Kevlar Compound - A step up from Organic, delivering great performance and a great pad that caters for all bikes. Kevlar sits well as a commuter pad on high powered bikes and great performing pad on lower cc bikes.

Sinter Compound - For every motorcycle enthusiast who wants braking performance. These pads are designed for rough treatment whether its in wet muddy conditions, or on a downhill climb on a high powered road bike or cruiser.

Sinter Sport Compound- A step up from the sinter compound, delivering even more 'bite' for the aggressive riders who like to take corners hard, mountain tours or the occasional track visit. A great pad for the advanced rider.(coming soon)

Sinter Ultra HH Compound - The highest of our range, for the rider who can't get enough of the track.

For the technical side of things, please visit our website, or contact our customer service on +07 3881 0809


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