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Combined Shipping

We are proud to offer combined shipping to our valued customers... If you'd like to buy more than one item from our store, we will offer a 50% discount on shipping on each additional item!

Here's how it works:


Joe purchases 4 items from our store... One item has a postage cost of $6.00, another has free shipping, the third item has a postage cost of $7.00, and the final item has a postage cost of $2.00.

He will be charged the highest postage cost (ie $7.00) and receives 50% off postage on the remining items; The combined postage for these three items would be $11.00 (ie $7.00 +$0.00 + $3.00 + $1.00).

How to do it:

When Joe (from the example above) purchased his first item, he continued to purchase the other two items from our store before checking out and making payment.


If Joe goes to checkout to pay for the three items he purchased, eBay should normally show the combined shipping discount automatically. If Joe thinks the postage shown does not accurately reflect our 50% combined shipping discount - which sometimes can happen  - he should click on the "Request Total From Seller" button. This will alert us that you are seeking the final total for all of your items, including P&H.

Shortly after (usually within 24 hours) we will manually adjust the postage total to show the combined shipping discount accurately. If Joe still thinks this is not accurate, he can always email us expressing his concern - we're here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is the combined shipping offer available for international postage?

Yes! We here at Mr Cycling World value all of our customers, no matter where you are!

Q. What about Express Post?

We are happy to provide combined shipping using Express Post. When you have purchased all of your products please click on the "Request Total From Seller" button and let us know that you will be paying for express post. We will send through the invoice shortly after (within 24 hours). Warning to international customers: International Express can be expensive.

Q. I paid for my items and did not receive the shipping discount. Why not? Can I get a refund?

Sometimes this happens, for reasons out of our control. Generally, we do not offer a refund once you have checked out. If you notice the shipping discount has not been applied, please contact us before you checkout - as Joe did in the above example.