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SeedBeadExplosion Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

(or the things you want to know but are afraid to ask!)


I live in Minnesota, my cousin lives in Alaska and my best friend lives in Honolulu, do we all pay the same for shipping?

Yes! Our shipping charges to all 50 states, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, APO’s and all USA zip-coded addresses are the same. 30 cents for each additional item after the first.


I am moving from Texas to France next week, will you still ship beads to me and if so, how much will it cost?

Absolutement!  Our shipping charges to countries outside the US (other than Canada) are a base rate of $3.00 and then weight based with a $2 handling charge.


Isn’t Canada outside the US?

Yes it is, but rates are less than out of North America. Shipping to Canada is $3.00 for the first item and 50 cents for each additional.


Can I use a nail to increase the hole size in the bead?

No, it will simply break. We recommend using the appropriate needle and thread size for the seed beads you are using and then hole size should not be a problem.


Can I cut down a bugle bead with scissors?

No, it will break and your scissors will be ruined.


I stitched the beads onto an evening dress. I wore the dress last month and I don’t need the beads anymore. If I cut them off the dress can I return them for a refund?

Are you serious? We will gladly accept returns of unopened, unused, merchandise in saleable condition in original packaging returned within 14 days of sale. If you have used the beads, or opened the packages, they are yours to keep.


I’m completely confused! What’s a hank? How does the sizing work? What’s the difference between a regular seed bead and a cut bead? How many beads are in a pack?

Why yes you are, but don’t worry. We have an about seed beads page dedicated to explaining the differences between seed beads, their sizes, how they are packed and what the different color finishes are.


I bought 10 hanks of the same size seed beads and counted the number of beads in every hank and they were not all the same amount, what should I do?

Exactly how long did that take you???? There will always be slight variations in the weight or number of beads in a pack or hank. The wall size of beads can vary from bead to bead, some colors and finishes weigh more than others.


I have a pattern that calls for 4mm rocaille beads in color #DFS654878 cheeky pink, but I can’t find it in your store. Do you have it?

Bead patterns and designs in mass produced books and leaflets frequently list beads with unusual terms, sizes and colors. This can make it very difficult to locate a suitable item for your project. Check out our about seed beads page to help determine the type of bead the designer used.  As far as the color goes, look at our wonderful selection and pick the color that appeals to you, names and codes vary tremendously from book to book and author to author.


Can you send me my order with a bill and then I will send you payment after I receive the beads?

In a word (or two words), sorry, no. All orders must be pre-paid before we can ship. We accept PayPal, personal checks and money orders.


I just made some really cool beaded earrings. I’m selling them for $25 pair. Can I trade with you for for beads?

That’s fantastic! Many of our customers have created wonderful pieces and have a great time selling them online, at local craft fairs, to stores and more. However, we prefer PayPal, checks and money orders in payment for our goods.


I ordered a hank of beads from you. I wondered if you could ship half to me and half to my sister?

Great idea, totally unrealistic!  We are unable to split packs of items. All orders paid for and ordered together have to be shipped to one address.


I run a customer service call center in South East Asia. Would you like to hire my company to handle your customer service e-mails?

Absolutely not! We have trained customer service representatives in the USA who are able to answer almost any SeedBeadExplosion related question a customer may have. We pride ourselves on keeping our customer service efficient, helpful and in the USA! During busy times, it may take a day or two to reply, but rest assured, we will. Contact us via Ebay with your relevant questions.


Se Habla Espanol? Parlez-vous francais?

No, sorry we are fluent in English only! We can use some of the language translation tools on line, however,  the results have not always been favorable.