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Will Old Console Games Work on Newer Consoles?

Many older console games will work on modern game consoles but there is some confusion about which ones will and won't work, hopefully this information will help.

Original Playstation

Often called the PS1 or PSX, by far the majority of original Playstation games will play on both the Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 consoles (regardless of the version of PS3). Some video sequences may not play correctly but the games themselves should work correctly.

Playstation 2

The PS2 will play original Playstation games with a very few exceptions. However if you want to play PS2 games on a PS3 console then you will need the original console with the 80 gig hard drive, which is long discontinued. Newer Playstation 3 consoles will not play Playstation 2 games, but will play Playstation 1 games.


There are a large number of original Xbox titles that will play on the Xbox 360 console. To play old Xbox games on the Xbox 360 you will need to update the firmware - there are two ways of doing this and you will need to have a hard drive on your Xbox 360 to do it. If you are connected to Xbox live, you can use your console to download the update directly. If you don't have Xbox live, you can visit the Xbox live website on your PC, download the update, put it on a CD and switch on your Xbox 360 with the CD in the drive. Once you've updated it you can play Xbox games.

Microsoft produce a list of games that are compatible with Xbox 360, but we always test our Xbox games on an Xbox 360 first and include the compatiblity in our listings.


The Nintendo Wii console will play all original Gamecube games. However, you will need an original Gamecube controller and a Gamecube memory card if you want to save your games. There is a flip up panel on the top of the Wii to allow you to plug Gamecube controllers and memory cards in. You can't use the Wii remote with Gamecube games, and in Gamecube mode all Wii menus and functions are disabled.

All information in this page is presented for guidance only and to the best of our knowledge is entirely accurate. We recommend double checking with the relevant console manufacturers for up to date information.

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