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 Hello! We are an Australian owned business based in QLD. We stock major brands of hair care products such as Schwarzkopf, L'Oreal, Redken, Matrix, Wella, Vita 5, Nioxin and Natural Look. We also supply hair clippers, dryers, irons, tongs, waxing products, eyelash tints, pet clippers, plus much more.
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Waxing/Depilatory Guide


Our store is staffed Monday to Friday, between 9am and 3pm. We generally respond to messages and queries within 24 hours. Emails/enquiries received Friday afternoon and throughout the weekend will be answered Monday. If purchasing multiple items, please wait for your order to be combined before paying, so that the correct postage amount can be applied. Happy Shopping!!!  

NEED HELP??? - Give us a ring on 1300 729 951 Monday to Friday 9am - 3pm (Brisbane Time)

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Please pay within 3 days of successful bid or purchase. If you are waiting for other items to finish, or need an extension, just let us know. Items will then be dispatched usually within 2 business days. If buying more than one product please wait for your order to be combined by us before paying, so that the correct postage amount can be applied. Delivery address - if delivery address is different to your primary postal address please message us through the eBay message service or by email to
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We accept payment by bank deposit, Mastercard, Visa, money order, bank cheque, personal cheque & Paypal. For a secure way to pay with your credit card please use Paypal.



Waxing / Depilatory Guide


Hot (Hard) Wax

  • Strip-less, does not require strips
  • Removes hair as short as 1mm
  • Perfect for short, stubborn hair on any part of the body
  • Can be remelted without affecting grip

Strip (Soft) Wax

  • For use with strips of fabric
  • Removes hair as short as 2mm
  • Speedy application
  • Applied thinly, so very economical
  • Can be remelted
  • Great for leg waxing

Wax Care Products

  • Skin Cleanser  - Used before waxing to remove dirt, perspiration, oil, etc before waxing / opens pores for easy hair removal / used after waxing to clean skin and close hair follicle / helps control redness
  • Skin Nourisher  - Restores skin's natural balance after waxing / leaves skin smooth and silky
  • Pre Wax Oil  - Massage into skin to soothe the skin and prevent wax from sticking
  • Soothing Gel/Cream  - Reduces redness and irritation after waxing / ideal for dry skin and to re-hydrate and soothe
  • Wax Remover  - Cleansing oil for removing wax residue / moisturises while cleansing / can also be used to clean equipment
  • Wax Solvent  - Removes wax from textiles and equipment / not for use on skin


  • Wooden Spatulas - Specially designed soft wood treatment spatulas to ensure thin, even application / available in large (body), regular (face), or extra small (eyebrows)
  • Metal Spatulas - Stainless steel / available in large (body), or small (face)
  • Wax Strips - Non woven or calico to remove strip wax


Strip Waxes (Soft)


Great for legs, can be microwaved,

§  Azulene

§  Camomile & Aloe

§  Coconut White

§  Lavender

§  Strawberry

Natural Look

§  Azulene – Gentle face & body wax, melts at lower temperature for thin & economical application, hypoallergenic/non irritating, enriched with oil of chamomile, titanium dioxide, contains zinc oxide to soothe & refresh sensitive skin

§  Eucalyptus – Suitable for facial, bikini and underarm areas, contains Eucalyptus oil

§  Gentle Liquid – Original natural formula, subtle hint of Australian lavender

§  Liquid Gold – Deluxe organic wax, superfine texture, contains lavender, Suitable for legs, arms, facial and bikini area

§  Passion – Pink satin crème, contains rose oil, chamomile and titanium dioxide

§  Platinum – Great for Brazilian waxing, contains mica & titanium dioxide

§  Strawberry Satin – contains chamomile and titanium dioxide

§  Tea Tree – Contains tea tree & olive oil, naturally antiseptic, gentle for face & body

Satin Smooth

§  Aloe Vera – Recommended for dry, tanned, dehydrated skin.  Excellent on sensitive areas, facial, chest, underarm & bikini.  For fine to medium hair.  Contains titanium dioxide.  Designed to cool and moisturise while reducing irritation.

§  Honey – Antibacterial, all purpose wax enriched with vitamin E oil.  Formulated to spread thinly & easily.  Produced from natural pine resin & beeswax.  Use on all areas but recommended for large areas such as legs, arms, back, chest & shoulders.  Use on all types of skin

§  Lavender - Lavender oil infused with calming camomile. Alleviates tension, relaxes hair follicles, can be used on all types of skin.  Formulated for thick, coarse hair.      Can be used on normal to sensitive skin.  Use on all body areas.

§  Tea Tree - Therapeutic formula contains Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus.  Natural calming extracts penetrate pores to relax and release hair follicles.  Ideal for sensitive areas - facial, underams, neck and bikini waxing.  Use on medium to coarse hair.  Can be used on all types of skin.

§  Zinc Oxide - Especially formulated for acne and blemished skin.  Formulated with barrier to protect skin from irritation and rash.  Contains Titanium Dioxide.  Developed for fair complexions and thin skin.  Ideal for teenagers and first time waxing.  Recommended for facial area and all sensitive parts of the body.  Works best on fine to medium hair.  Can be used all types of skin.

§  Deluxe - Created with enriched vitamins and emollients to soften and smooth hair shaft.  Contains Titanium Dioxide.  Use on chest, neck, bikini, underarms, legs, back and face.  Use on thick, coarse and curly stubborn hair.  Recommended for dry skin, can be used on all skin types


Hard Waxes (hot/solid)


Beauty Pro

§  Hot Film – ideal on all body areas and skin types, excellent on underarms and bikini, more controlled application for lip & brow waxing. Not microwavable

§  Brazilian – for coarse & stubborn hair, contains titanium dioxide, flexible during use & removal. Not microwavable


§  Aloe & Chamomile - All over waxing,

§  Apricot - All over waxing,

§  Azulene - All over waxing,

§  Coconut White – Contains titanium dioxide.  All over waxing,

Natural Look

§  Aloe Vera – Contains healing properties of aloe vera & olive oil.  Restores & replenishes. 

§  Apricot – Contains natural apricot oil.  Restores & replenishes dry and mature skin types.  Maintains normal skin balance.  Contains titanium dioxide. 

§  Azulene – Gentle face & body wax.  Melts at lower temperatures for thin & economical applications. Hypoallergenic & non irritating.  Enriched with essential oil of chamomile.  Contains zinc oxide to soothe & refresh sensitive skin, titanium dioxide. 

§  Eucalyptus – For face, bikini line & underarm areas. 

§  Passion Delux XXX – Contains rose oil, chamomile & titanium dioxide.  Ideal for bikini waxing.

§  Platinum Paradise – Suitable for total body waxing, Brazilian waxing.  Silver satin cream wax containing mica & titanium dioxide. 

§  Solid Gold – Super fine texture containing lavender extracts.  Suitable for legs, arms, facial & bikini area.  Contains titanium dioxide.  Gold in colour. 

 Satin Smooth

§  Wild Cherry – All purpose wax enriched with natural cherry fruit extracts and essential oils of Vitamin E protect skin from irritation.  Low melting temperature, spreads easily.  Contains Titanium Dioxide.  Recommended for bikini waxing, Brazilians.  Formulated for fine to medium hair in sensitive areas.

§  Calendula Gold - Low melting temperature, spreads easily.  Formulated with enriched extracts from the Calendula flower and the tea tree plant.  Calms and soothes the skin and prevents inflammation.  Recommended for Brazilian bikini waxing.  Can be used on all sensitive areas.  Formulated for thick, coarse, curly, stubborn hair.  Developed for all types of skin.




  • Brazilian Waxing - Best waxes are: Calendula (Satin Smooth), Wild Cherry (Satin Smooth) Platinum Paradise (Natural Look)

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