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  • Customer Testimonia​ls
Date: 2007 12 Sep 05:21:27 -0700
From: Januario Bassig (
Subject: My Testimonial

Hi Tony and Carol,

I would want to submit a testimonial to your company regarding the ring the I purchased, please do not hesitate to post it on your site, id you want to.

I just bought this 1.65ct VS2 Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring from Wonder Jewelers and I can testify to the outstanding service and great price that Wonder Jewelers had provided me. For so long, I had been searching for the right stone and the right ring at the right price and it is no doubt that only Wonder Jewelers offer such.

The great news is that aside from the fact that I was able to get a great deal for the ring, my fiancé definitely adore the exquisite beauty of the ring!

Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions regarding my testimonial.

Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2001 16:49:28 -0800
From: Karen Gonzaga (
Subject: reference letter

Hi Tony!

We already received the 1.70ct Channel Style Bridal Set we purchased and asked for some modifications that suit our style. It is gorgeous , very detailed and may I say that it is indeed a beauty!

To those who has been having doubts about the legitimacy of Wonder Jewelers, we would want to attest that this online store is a legitimate business. Me and my husband had checked out the different stores and online stores but we kept on coming back to Wonder Jewelers.

Toni and Carol had been such a great help in finding the right and definitely gorgeous ring that we wanted. They are very accommodative and knowledgeable. They had been patient to us and accommodative to all our needs. Need I say, Toni and Carol make things easier for us.

We can testify that anyone can buy to Wonder Jewelers with confidence. It is by far the best online store in the web where you can find quality stones and jewelry in the best prices. This I can say is even better that the Jewelry Stores!

Thank you for providing us with such service and nice ring!

Best regards,

Karen Gonzaga

From: John Joselyn (
Subject: Hello Carol and Tony!

I already received the 2.50 ct Asscher Cut Eternity ring. Thank you for being accommodative on how I want the ring to be like.

Despite time pressure, since I just ordered this in less than a week before my wife’s birthday and that I even asked for some modifications which involved major and additional jobs for you because I wanted an alternate fancy yellow diamonds and brilliant diamonds. The rings came out very wonderful.

I must say that your store is purposely in the market to serve those who need someone to help on their jewelry needs.

Thanks you for the good service and the nice rings



From: Jacob
Subject: [no subject]

Hi tony!

The ring came out beautifully! It is better that expected!

I am very pleased with the quality of the ring and was just amazed on how beautiful it had turned out.

Thank you for providing such great customer service!

Right now, I cant think of anything prettier than the ring except for my fiance’s great smile when I handed her the ring last night.

With smiles,


Subject: Testimonial letter

Hi tony and Carol!

Thank you big time to you guys and to Wonder Jewelers! My diamond bracelet has arrived without any hitch and they were very gorgeous than expected!

The service you guys had given me was very exceptional – from the selection process to ordering and delivery as much as the after delivery! I was regularly informed of the status and that every time I would have to talk to you guys you are always available to give a hand.

Definitely! I am so satisfied with how the bracelet turned out. I have been telling my friends about your store and had recommended you guys for their jewelry needs.

Thank you very much!


From: Tommy T.
Subject: Letter of testimony

Hi Tony and Carol,

Would like to inform you that I did got my parcel as the expected time of delivery and was already handed down to my soon to be wife!

I am very happy and very much satisfied with how the ring had been and it is much better and more detailed than what I expect them to be. It is very gorgeous!

Would want to thank you two and Wonder Jewelers for the excellent service!

My fiancé and I can’t get over with how the ring had turned out to be!

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,

Tommy Thompson

From: Charles Collins
Subject: [no subject]

Tony and Carol,


This is to thank you for the superior customer service you had given me in my recent upgrade of the diamond in my ring.

I am very much impressed on how customer oriented your company is! Your hospitality and very accommodative vibe as well as you and your team’s hands-on involvement with the order are very easy to determine. It eases the task of shipment, tracking, and selection of new diamonds for my ring.

I am very much impressed and would always have Wonder Jewelers name in my mind when it comes to jewelry needs.

Best regards,

Charles Collins

From: Romina Clarkson
Subject: Thank You!

hi carol, tony,

Just dropped by to let you guys know that I recently had the emerald cut diamond ring appraised for my insurance. I paid less for what others expect me and was appraised to almost 200 % more of its original price.

I am very satisfied with my ring and had received lots of compliments! It is not surprising that everyone thinks that I get this ring on the price higher than the amount I bought it for.

Am about to purchase an earring and would contact you about that. Your very nice customer service keeps me on wanting more to do business with you.


Romina Clarkson

From: Joe Hamilton
Subject: [no subject]

Tony and Carol,

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for such a great, easy and convenient way of shopping for jewelry needs you have provided me and I’m sure with all your other customers.

I am actually very hesitant on doing the shopping online.

I was very nervous doing this online and nervous because I was picking out a ring for an anxious young man waiting to propose to his future wife. He was on a budget but knew exactly what he wanted.

I have purchased this brilliant cut diamond bridal set for my beautiful soon-to be wife. The moment I gave it to her I could not hear anything but Thank you’s and complements on the rings. Its been a month and still my gorgeous wife could still not believe how beautiful her ring is. Turns out her lady friends are envious of the ring too.

The ring came out exactly the way you described it. It was nice doing business with you too and the rest of the team of Wonder Jewelers. Ill definitely keep you in mind for future needs.

Best Regards.,

Joe Hamilton

From: Matthew Pedersen
Subject: Thanks for an AMAZING Ring!

Dearest Tony and Carol,

Thank you for being so helpful with the specifics that I wanted for the engagement ring. The ring came out gorgeous and it would have not been possible had of your help! It is even brighter and better looking than expected!

My fiancé loved it as much as I do! We are very pleased on the being of the diamond engagement ring we purchased from Wonder Jewelers. We are very much contented with how it looked.

The delivery is on time and as expected! You have such great service!

Indeed, you lived up with the 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and a real Customer Service for that matter!


Matthew Pedersen

From: Steven Resse
Subject: Letter of Gratitude

Dear Carol and Tony,

Thank you very much for such a very loyal service you had given me when I was buying the ring for my then- girlfriend and now my soon to be wife.

She loves it so much and so was everyone else! We were getting nice and wonderful comments on it!

When I proposed, I don’t even know if she cried on how I proposed to her, the thought that I actually proposed to her or if she is overwhelmed with how beautiful the ring is!

Thanks again and I’ll be happy to work with you again

Best Regards,

Steven Resse

From: Bryan Milby
Subject: My experience with your store...

Tony and Carol,

What else can I say, I am very impressed with how the ring has turned into despite the fact that I ordered it a week prior to when I’ll be needing it. And you were able to ship it 2 days before I actually needed it.

Better yet, she loved the round and pink diamond engagement ring and said yes!

I had done some business with other online jewelry companies and never come close to what Wonder Jewelers offered. Fortunately, I found your store that offers such a great collection of jewelry in the best price ever!

I could never find another store as efficient, committed and responsive as you guys are.

Thank you so much!


Bryan Milby

From: A. Perry
Subject: Thank You

Hi Carol!

I am very happy with the oval cut anniversary ring I bought from you.

It is very beautiful! I could spend all my day just by looking at it! I can’t just get enough of this gorgeous ring!

The diamonds are astonishing and that it glitters all the time. A friend who has knowledge about jewelry told me that the diamonds are very beautifully made!

Thank you so much!


Mrs. Perry

From: Joey Adams
Subject: My Testimonial

Dear tony,

Would want to thank you for the three-stone radiant engagement ring that I brought from you!

My fiancé could not believe how beautiful it is and just cant take my eyes off it as much as I do and as much as everyone else!

Wonder Jewelers indeed made a terrific job with the quality of the ring and the diamond! The customer service is indeed great!

I really recommend your store to everyone for your jewelry needs!

Best Regards,

Joey Adams

From: A. Perry
Subject: Thanks!!

Dear Tony and Carol,

It is a pleasure to work with you guys.

I had just opened the parcel today and was ecstatic about it!

Thank you so much for such wonderful service!

Allow me to rate your service and the ring with 10. If I could rate it like how they rate hotels, it will be a 5-star service and product!

I definitely recommend Wonder Jewelers to all who may be looking for a great deal and wonderful service!


Anna Martinez

From: Max Summers
Subject: Much Thanks

Dearest Tony and Carol,

I just bought a wedding band from Wonder Jewelers. At first I was a little skeptical and nervous but Tony and Carol gained my confidence!

I have searched a lot of websites and that no one else can offer the same quality of diamond engagement rings in the best price and with amazing quality except from your site!

I am very much impressed with your service, quality of ring and the fast shipment! I would definitely not hesitate to do business with you again.

We need people like you in the business because there are not many of you out there! Thank you.

Best regards,

Max Summers

From: Vanessa Tremont
Subject: A testimonial letter

Carol and Tony,

I just purchased 5ct asscher eternity rings from Wonder Jewelers and was very much astonished by such a gorgeous ring together with a very outstanding quality of jewelry as much as the great customer service.

I am very much excited to write this and let everyone know what a wonderful package Wonder Jewelers has to offer!

I am picky when it comes to diamonds and rings and only Wonder Jewelers suit my taste!

I have received lots of compliments from people I do not even know and they say that they "just had to say something because the rings are so eye catching and brilliant".

I must say that I more than agree!

Yours truly,

Vanessa Tremont

From: Danna Cabrera
Subject: [no subject]

Hi Carol and/or Tony

What would I do without the two of you!

My career itself depends on customer service and I know how important it is, and only Wonder Jewelers goes above and beyond their call of duty in all ways!

Thank you for creating such a very easy to navigate website and for bringing in such an exceptional customer that made shopping online a lot easier. Plus there are emails and that customer service s very accommodating that they can give ready answers to queries.

I had been very satisfied with the ring that I ordered it is exactly what I seen in ebay. It is very lovely!

I can say that the savings, service, and quality can not be matched by anyone!

Thank you,

Danna Cabrera

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