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Why can't I shop your full range on the eBay Store?

Anaconda has selected a product range to suit the confines of the eBay marketplace and ensure a positive customer experience. To view the extensive Anaconda range, visit the site.

How do I locate the size of an item in the Anaconda eBay Store?

If an item has several sizes there will be a drop menu located near the price of the item. For product listings with only one size available the Overview or Product title will show the size of the item available.

Can I bid for products?

No. We only offer fixed, ‘Buy It Now’ pricing on the Anaconda eBay Store.

I want to buy, or have bought an item from the Anaconda eBay Store. How can I claim the lowest price guarantee?

The lowest price guarantee is not available for Anaconda eBay Store purchases at this time.

Can I cancel my order?

You may cancel your order immediately after order placement by calling the Anaconda Customer Care team. Once processed, orders cannot be cancelled.


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