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Books2anywhereUK started life in 2000 and have now spent over 10 years offering a wide selection items at competitive prices. We are committed to maintaining excellent customer service and providing an enjoyable shopping experience.

If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team who will always be happy to help. To do this, please click the “Ask a question” link located at the bottom of our listings.

User:Date:25-Sep-17 23:35:28 AEST
Praise:Recieved the item.Thank you very much. Rev.Upali.
User:Date:25-Sep-17 22:25:33 AEST
Praise:Item as described, delivered on time, in good condition. Happy to recommend.
User:Date:25-Sep-17 20:31:50 AEST
User:Date:25-Sep-17 14:53:40 AEST
Praise:Everything great with this seller. THANKS***
User:Date:25-Sep-17 04:50:05 AEST
Praise:Great quality! Swift delivery, recommended!
User:Date:25-Sep-17 04:02:16 AEST
Praise:Great seller! Fast delivery! Thank you very much!
User:Date:24-Sep-17 21:23:47 AEST
Praise:Excellent experience. Great seller.
User:Date:24-Sep-17 18:13:51 AEST
Praise:Received as described, great ebayer
User:Date:24-Sep-17 17:18:41 AEST
Praise:Great thank you
User:Date:23-Sep-17 18:26:20 AEST
Praise:Excellent thanks
User:Date:23-Sep-17 17:33:36 AEST
User:Date:23-Sep-17 17:07:38 AEST
Praise:g8 book - g8 seller - 5* - very happy - thank you
User:Date:23-Sep-17 16:14:20 AEST
Praise:Item as described, fast postage.
User:Date:23-Sep-17 16:13:35 AEST
Praise:Good service
User:Date:23-Sep-17 14:56:14 AEST
Praise:Good condition & accurate product
User:Date:23-Sep-17 06:51:06 AEST
Praise:I got what I was looking for. Thank you very much !
User:Date:23-Sep-17 04:28:46 AEST
User:Date:23-Sep-17 03:28:34 AEST
Praise:haven't read - bought for a friend; very nice condition; reasonably priced
User:Date:22-Sep-17 20:21:11 AEST
User:Date:22-Sep-17 16:09:27 AEST
Praise:thank you the book finally arrived on 22nd Sept
User:Date:22-Sep-17 11:56:03 AEST
User:Date:21-Sep-17 21:04:54 AEST
Praise:Thank you!
User:Date:21-Sep-17 20:40:50 AEST
Praise:Well received with many thanks!
User:Date:21-Sep-17 17:50:51 AEST
User:Date:21-Sep-17 16:29:35 AEST
Praise:Thanks.I am very happy with my item.
User:Date:21-Sep-17 12:21:54 AEST
Praise:Good to see someone selling this obscure item
User:Date:21-Sep-17 10:45:06 AEST
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:21-Sep-17 10:29:11 AEST
User:Date:21-Sep-17 07:37:04 AEST
Praise:Good quality item and prompt delivery. Thank you.
User:Date:21-Sep-17 07:12:05 AEST
Praise:Great service..
User:Date:21-Sep-17 07:11:33 AEST
Praise:Great service..
User:Date:21-Sep-17 03:47:03 AEST
Complaint:falsche Ausgabe geliefert. Rücksendung auf eigene Kosten. miese Kommunikation.
User:Date:21-Sep-17 01:19:54 AEST
Praise:Got my book finally and as described! Thanks!
User:Date:20-Sep-17 22:07:23 AEST
Praise:Awesome seller.
User:Date:20-Sep-17 20:39:50 AEST
Praise:Excellent seller! Thanks for the great service!!! Will trade again!!!
User:Date:20-Sep-17 17:46:07 AEST
User:Date:20-Sep-17 16:07:36 AEST
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:20-Sep-17 12:08:22 AEST
Praise:Very happy.
User:Date:20-Sep-17 10:44:54 AEST
Praise:Great Description, AAA+++ Seller
User:Date:20-Sep-17 08:00:56 AEST
Praise:Fast Delivery, A+++. Item as described
User:Date:19-Sep-17 20:09:04 AEST
Praise:Great would buy again!
User:Date:19-Sep-17 20:05:23 AEST
Praise:Accurate Description. Fast Postage. Would Buy From Again. Very Happy A+++
User:Date:19-Sep-17 19:00:59 AEST
User:Date:19-Sep-17 13:13:00 AEST
Praise:Fantastic item. Many thanks
User:Date:19-Sep-17 12:30:45 AEST
Praise:Excellent transaction. Kind helpful communication. A-1 Five Stars.
User:Date:19-Sep-17 09:26:38 AEST
Praise:Fine book, fast mailing, wonderful ebay experience
User:Date:19-Sep-17 07:48:09 AEST
Praise:thank you
User:Date:19-Sep-17 01:08:50 AEST
Praise:Excellent transaction! Thank you!
User:Date:18-Sep-17 23:41:36 AEST
Praise:Book arrived late but as described. Thank you.
User:Date:18-Sep-17 21:52:46 AEST
Praise:Thank you!
User:Date:18-Sep-17 20:09:23 AEST
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:18-Sep-17 19:58:42 AEST
Praise:Item arrived a little belatedly but in good condition. Satisfied customer.
User:Date:18-Sep-17 19:57:40 AEST
Praise:Many thanks for the fast delivery on a great product. AAAA++++++
User:Date:18-Sep-17 16:44:47 AEST
Praise:Thanks for making this an easy, hassle free transaction. No problems at all.
User:Date:18-Sep-17 14:06:52 AEST
Praise:Terrific. Many thanks1
User:Date:18-Sep-17 13:37:27 AEST
User:Date:18-Sep-17 11:14:05 AEST
User:Date:18-Sep-17 11:14:05 AEST
User:Date:18-Sep-17 11:00:11 AEST
Praise:Very good timing...get it thanks a lot.
User:Date:18-Sep-17 01:54:02 AEST
Praise:Champion perfect e.bayer. Great transaction
User:Date:17-Sep-17 08:28:03 AEST
Praise:Good seller . Very happy
User:Date:17-Sep-17 07:19:34 AEST
Praise:Thank you very much!! Fast shipping as well!!
User:Date:17-Sep-17 04:02:13 AEST
User:Date:17-Sep-17 02:02:11 AEST
Praise:Awesome deal very happy
User:Date:16-Sep-17 18:28:15 AEST
User:Date:16-Sep-17 18:27:10 AEST
Praise:Thanks for an excellent eBay transaction!
User:Date:16-Sep-17 10:31:58 AEST
Praise:A good product at a good price. Thankyou!
User:Date:16-Sep-17 10:23:51 AEST
Praise:100% satisfied
User:Date:16-Sep-17 10:02:32 AEST
Praise:Great 👍 thank you
User:Date:16-Sep-17 02:58:34 AEST
User:Date:16-Sep-17 00:26:45 AEST
Praise:Thanks very much!
User:Date:15-Sep-17 20:43:46 AEST
Praise:Excellent sale thanks
User:Date:15-Sep-17 16:53:01 AEST
Praise:great thanks
User:Date:15-Sep-17 15:16:26 AEST
Praise:Arrived a few weeks late but in perfect condition so still happy
User:Date:15-Sep-17 12:02:09 AEST
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:15-Sep-17 09:27:43 AEST
Neutral:Item arrived late and packaging was okay, the book had some bends in the corners
User:Date:15-Sep-17 07:08:27 AEST
Praise:Item didn't arrive but good communication and easy refund
User:Date:14-Sep-17 19:24:59 AEST
Praise:Great ebayer highly recommended
User:Date:14-Sep-17 19:06:29 AEST
Praise:je recommande
User:Date:14-Sep-17 15:20:00 AEST
Praise:Received today - many thanks.
User:Date:14-Sep-17 14:53:35 AEST
Complaint:Never received item. Still haven't gotten a reply.
User:Date:14-Sep-17 13:56:14 AEST
Praise:Awesome. Thanks!
User:Date:14-Sep-17 12:20:30 AEST
Praise:Exactly as described A+++
User:Date:13-Sep-17 20:29:58 AEST
Praise:Super geklappt. Gab keinerlei Probleme!
User:Date:13-Sep-17 19:35:29 AEST
Praise:Prompt efficient service of order.Thanks very much.
User:Date:13-Sep-17 16:50:05 AEST
Praise:Very good quality
User:Date:13-Sep-17 16:31:47 AEST
Praise:easy, reliable, highly recommended
User:Date:13-Sep-17 14:52:05 AEST
Praise:Very happy with my purchase. Thank you!
User:Date:13-Sep-17 06:06:07 AEST
Praise:Excellent seller A++++
User:Date:13-Sep-17 04:26:15 AEST
Praise: Many thanks , arrived sooner !!!👍
User:Date:12-Sep-17 23:49:50 AEST
Praise:Nice one
User:Date:12-Sep-17 22:09:34 AEST
Praise:great ebayer. Thank you
User:Date:12-Sep-17 20:04:10 AEST
User:Date:12-Sep-17 11:47:08 AEST
Praise:Nice new book, gratnic, jusst as described.
User:Date:12-Sep-17 06:32:52 AEST
Praise:Fast ship, great item.
User:Date:11-Sep-17 23:20:41 AEST
Praise:Great product as described.
User:Date:11-Sep-17 18:17:16 AEST
User:Date:11-Sep-17 14:22:31 AEST
Praise:: arrived in great condition. thank you!
User:Date:11-Sep-17 13:40:17 AEST
Praise:Good value
User:Date:11-Sep-17 03:12:34 AEST
Praise:Thank You
User:Date:10-Sep-17 23:34:16 AEST
Praise:Easy transaction.
User:Date:10-Sep-17 14:00:47 AEST
Praise:I received my book today. Was well packed and arrived safely. Many thanks!
User:Date:10-Sep-17 13:53:55 AEST
Praise:great book
User:Date:10-Sep-17 10:36:09 AEST
Praise:Well packaged great seller A++++++
User:Date:10-Sep-17 03:02:55 AEST
Praise:Item arrived
User:Date:09-Sep-17 08:51:36 AEST
Praise:Very happy with your service and packaging, thank you.
User:Date:09-Sep-17 07:42:18 AEST
Praise:I love my purchase will buy from again. Thank you!!!!
User:Date:09-Sep-17 07:11:52 AEST
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:09-Sep-17 02:25:14 AEST
Praise:«:::P:::» «:::E:::» «:::R:::» «:::F:::» «:::E:::» «:::C:::» «:::T:::»
User:Date:08-Sep-17 19:27:26 AEST
Praise:Very happy thanks.
User:Date:08-Sep-17 18:38:29 AEST
Praise:Great item, promptly delivered. Five stars!
User:Date:08-Sep-17 16:13:29 AEST
Praise:Item arrive as described. Good Ebaying!
User:Date:08-Sep-17 13:38:16 AEST
Praise:Received in great condition and fast delivery
User:Date:08-Sep-17 13:29:38 AEST
Complaint:Book still hasn't arrived and it's over the estimated delivery.
User:Date:08-Sep-17 03:19:38 AEST
Praise:very fast shipping thanks!
User:Date:08-Sep-17 00:01:18 AEST
User:Date:07-Sep-17 21:25:44 AEST
Praise:Unfortunately arrived a little damaged :0(
User:Date:07-Sep-17 13:24:55 AEST
Praise:Thank you !
User:Date:07-Sep-17 06:30:11 AEST
User:Date:07-Sep-17 04:17:02 AEST
Praise:exactly as described. fast shipping. thanks so much.
User:Date:06-Sep-17 22:12:52 AEST
Praise:Many thanks. Happy with purchase.
User:Date:06-Sep-17 19:45:44 AEST
Praise:Very quick delivery! Excellent!
User:Date:06-Sep-17 17:37:27 AEST
Praise:Very good seller : quick delivery.
User:Date:06-Sep-17 12:08:03 AEST
Praise:all good thanks
User:Date:06-Sep-17 10:37:03 AEST
User:Date:06-Sep-17 10:36:31 AEST
User:Date:06-Sep-17 10:36:07 AEST
User:Date:06-Sep-17 06:36:36 AEST
Praise:Everything is Perfect ... Thank You ... Great Seller A++++
User:Date:05-Sep-17 17:09:09 AEST
Praise:Item as described, well packed. Thank you A+
User:Date:05-Sep-17 11:15:56 AEST
Neutral:book arrived 4 days late despite an already long delivery time + bend marks.
User:Date:05-Sep-17 07:38:55 AEST
Praise:pleasure to do business
User:Date:05-Sep-17 06:32:28 AEST
Praise:a+ E-Bayer 5 Stars
User:Date:05-Sep-17 04:48:23 AEST
Praise:100 % !! As listed...A+
User:Date:04-Sep-17 22:45:12 AEST
User:Date:04-Sep-17 20:59:20 AEST
Praise:great product
User:Date:04-Sep-17 20:55:31 AEST
Praise:Thank you - very happy with my product :)
User:Date:04-Sep-17 19:25:18 AEST
User:Date:04-Sep-17 17:44:58 AEST
Praise:A++ good shipping time, described and packaged perfectly, thank you :)
User:Date:04-Sep-17 17:41:38 AEST
Praise:Perfect! Thank you:)
User:Date:04-Sep-17 14:07:17 AEST
Praise:thank you
User:Date:04-Sep-17 14:04:23 AEST
Praise:Received thanks
User:Date:04-Sep-17 08:39:50 AEST
Praise:Good seller
User:Date:03-Sep-17 22:19:47 AEST
Praise:No problems
User:Date:03-Sep-17 21:10:59 AEST
Praise:As described. thanks!
User:Date:03-Sep-17 18:44:41 AEST
Praise:thanks, all good
User:Date:03-Sep-17 14:07:40 AEST
Praise:Very happy buyer. Thankyou so . Excellent product ⭐️
User:Date:03-Sep-17 10:04:01 AEST
User:Date:02-Sep-17 21:02:37 AEST
Praise:Thank you!
User:Date:02-Sep-17 20:20:07 AEST
Praise:Brilliant!! Fast dispatch and high quality. Recommended.
User:Date:02-Sep-17 17:44:23 AEST
Praise:Many thanks!
User:Date:02-Sep-17 15:06:56 AEST
Neutral:The book was very late in delivery but l eventually received it. Thanks.
User:Date:02-Sep-17 14:41:21 AEST
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:02-Sep-17 02:16:26 AEST
Praise:early delivery very good seller.
User:Date:02-Sep-17 01:55:10 AEST
User:Date:01-Sep-17 21:34:07 AEST
Praise:Very happy with purchase, thanks so much!
User:Date:01-Sep-17 17:25:05 AEST
Praise:Thank you.
User:Date:01-Sep-17 10:40:21 AEST
Praise:A great item, thanks.
User:Date:01-Sep-17 07:45:42 AEST
User:Date:01-Sep-17 07:14:41 AEST
Praise:Excellent seller++ Recommended++ Thank you!!
User:Date:01-Sep-17 06:57:01 AEST
Praise:Quick delivery
User:Date:01-Sep-17 06:21:44 AEST
Praise:Great book!
User:Date:01-Sep-17 01:28:38 AEST
Praise:i am happy with my purchase,thankyou.
User:Date:31-Aug-17 20:55:23 AEST
Praise:Arrived as described. Easy transaction. Recommended!
User:Date:31-Aug-17 20:36:05 AEST
Praise:Fashion shipping and well packaged
User:Date:31-Aug-17 16:54:38 AEST
Praise:Excellent item - excellent seller to deal with.
User:Date:31-Aug-17 16:11:46 AEST
Praise:As described- thanks
User:Date:31-Aug-17 11:31:57 AEST
Praise:The item is just as described and arrived in excellent condition, thank you.
User:Date:31-Aug-17 08:28:50 AEST
Praise:Great book, well packed, thanks.
User:Date:31-Aug-17 07:54:21 AEST
Praise:Great item and fast shipment.
User:Date:31-Aug-17 06:53:08 AEST
Praise:A pleasure doing business!!!!! Highly recommend!!!!! A fantastic eBayer!!!!!
User:Date:31-Aug-17 06:52:57 AEST
Praise:A pleasure doing business!!!!! Highly recommend!!!!! A fantastic eBayer!!!!!
User:Date:30-Aug-17 21:41:50 AEST
Praise:Great delivery, thank you!
User:Date:30-Aug-17 20:58:51 AEST
Praise:Good seller & item as described thank you
User:Date:30-Aug-17 20:05:16 AEST
Praise:Thank you.
User:Date:30-Aug-17 18:50:12 AEST
Praise:Thank you :) Great seller!!
User:Date:30-Aug-17 16:59:46 AEST
Praise:Very happy with purchase, thank you :) :) :)
User:Date:30-Aug-17 16:35:47 AEST
Praise:Just a shame it took so long in the post
User:Date:30-Aug-17 15:45:27 AEST
Praise: Highly recommended. Very excellent customer service
User:Date:30-Aug-17 15:15:31 AEST
Praise:we received on time, very nice and useful book for child's..
User:Date:30-Aug-17 14:23:29 AEST
User:Date:30-Aug-17 13:00:52 AEST
Praise:Beautiful thanks.
User:Date:30-Aug-17 12:42:23 AEST
User:Date:30-Aug-17 12:28:55 AEST
Praise:All good thanks
User:Date:30-Aug-17 10:01:14 AEST
Praise:arrived 30/8 this edition has no photos pages 1 to 7 missing disapointing.!!
User:Date:30-Aug-17 05:43:31 AEST
User:Date:30-Aug-17 05:42:37 AEST
Praise:Quick delivery
User:Date:30-Aug-17 05:42:37 AEST
Praise:Quick delivery
User:Date:30-Aug-17 02:33:56 AEST
Praise:Great seller A+ thank you!
User:Date:29-Aug-17 23:06:40 AEST
Praise:Good book, fast shipping.
User:Date:29-Aug-17 21:19:07 AEST
Praise:Item as described, thanks
User:Date:29-Aug-17 20:42:51 AEST
Praise:Item as described, well packed. Thank you A+
User:Date:29-Aug-17 20:29:39 AEST
Praise:Item was in new condition as described, but slow delivery.
User:Date:29-Aug-17 19:19:50 AEST
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:29-Aug-17 19:04:36 AEST
Praise:great care taken in postage
User:Date:29-Aug-17 18:49:28 AEST
User:Date:29-Aug-17 18:21:15 AEST
Praise:A+++ thank you.
User:Date:29-Aug-17 17:31:36 AEST
Praise:CD arrived quickly in good shape, thanks
User:Date:29-Aug-17 16:22:13 AEST
Praise:All good
User:Date:29-Aug-17 13:44:24 AEST
Praise:Postage took a while but happy with product thank you!
User:Date:29-Aug-17 13:16:03 AEST
Praise:Great transaction