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Books2anywhereUK started life in 2000 and have now spent over 10 years offering a wide selection items at competitive prices. We are committed to maintaining excellent customer service and providing an enjoyable shopping experience.

If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team who will always be happy to help. To do this, please click the “Ask a question” link located at the bottom of our listings.

User:Date:22-Nov-17 03:57:24 AEDST
Praise:In fairly good condition and on time! Thank you very very much!
User:Date:22-Nov-17 01:47:33 AEDST
Praise:Good product. Great price .Fast delivery
User:Date:21-Nov-17 13:07:01 AEDST
Praise:Arrived safely and protected. Thank you for seling this item.
User:Date:21-Nov-17 11:32:53 AEDST
Praise:Ordered for a friend but it was the wrong book. Tie-in????
User:Date:21-Nov-17 11:14:51 AEDST
Praise:Ultra fast delivery. Packaging could be better. Great eBayer. Highly recommanded
User:Date:21-Nov-17 09:47:04 AEDST
Praise:Good description. Great seller.
User:Date:21-Nov-17 09:29:54 AEDST
Praise:Excellent seller, item as described. Thanks
User:Date:21-Nov-17 04:52:51 AEDST
User:Date:20-Nov-17 20:46:11 AEDST
Praise:Great seller. Recommended to all. A++++++
User:Date:20-Nov-17 20:13:49 AEDST
Praise:Excellent seller
User:Date:20-Nov-17 20:04:09 AEDST
Praise:Never had any issue with this seller. Thank you guys.
User:Date:20-Nov-17 16:35:59 AEDST
Praise:Awesome ebayer!!!
User:Date:20-Nov-17 15:50:11 AEDST
Praise:Trusted Ebayer,Cheap ShippingAAA++++++++++
User:Date:20-Nov-17 12:38:17 AEDST
Praise:Reliable seller - well packaged - recommended 5_Stars- will deal with again
User:Date:20-Nov-17 10:49:37 AEDST
Praise:Great seller. Responded very fairly when the item didn't arrive when expected.
User:Date:20-Nov-17 07:38:27 AEDST
Praise:Everything okay.
User:Date:20-Nov-17 02:25:45 AEDST
Praise:Good book great Seller. Bless you
User:Date:19-Nov-17 09:26:25 AEDST
Complaint:Incorrect item pictured. Seller communication slow and incomplete.
User:Date:18-Nov-17 20:44:29 AEDST
Praise:recommend buying from seller
User:Date:18-Nov-17 20:44:15 AEDST
Praise:recommend buying from seller
User:Date:18-Nov-17 20:43:07 AEDST
Praise:As described. Fast postage. Thanks very much
User:Date:18-Nov-17 13:21:36 AEDST
User:Date:18-Nov-17 10:48:55 AEDST
Praise:Item was lost in the mail & seller was awesome & very quick at resolving!
User:Date:18-Nov-17 03:06:34 AEDST
Praise:The quickest transaction ever made, thank you guys
User:Date:17-Nov-17 12:40:58 AEDST
Praise:Item as described. Very happy with transaction
User:Date:16-Nov-17 21:23:08 AEDST
Praise:Great thank you
User:Date:16-Nov-17 18:06:27 AEDST
Praise:quick refund when book didnot arrive
User:Date:16-Nov-17 16:15:55 AEDST
Praise:Good item with good prices. A+
User:Date:16-Nov-17 14:44:17 AEDST
Praise:As promised...Thanks!
User:Date:16-Nov-17 12:29:08 AEDST
Praise:All is in order, cheers.
User:Date:16-Nov-17 08:37:58 AEDST
Praise:All good!
User:Date:16-Nov-17 01:34:23 AEDST
Praise:Amazing transaction - seller is perfect!! A+++
User:Date:15-Nov-17 21:00:53 AEDST
User:Date:15-Nov-17 10:28:35 AEDST
Praise:Item as described, slightly late by a few days
User:Date:14-Nov-17 22:04:51 AEDST
User:Date:14-Nov-17 22:04:33 AEDST
User:Date:14-Nov-17 22:04:06 AEDST
User:Date:14-Nov-17 22:03:36 AEDST
Praise:A++ ebayer.
User:Date:14-Nov-17 19:36:01 AEDST
Praise:All is good :)
User:Date:14-Nov-17 14:10:45 AEDST
User:Date:14-Nov-17 11:24:00 AEDST
Praise:Many thanks, a pleasure doing business with you. AAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++
User:Date:14-Nov-17 00:10:46 AEDST
Praise:all good thank you +++
User:Date:13-Nov-17 20:15:56 AEDST
Praise:Good item with good prices. A+
User:Date:13-Nov-17 20:15:22 AEDST
Praise:Good item with good prices. A+
User:Date:13-Nov-17 19:23:32 AEDST
Praise:Arrived safe and sound. thank you
User:Date:13-Nov-17 19:07:45 AEDST
User:Date:13-Nov-17 18:45:40 AEDST
Praise:great ta
User:Date:13-Nov-17 14:31:46 AEDST
Praise:Enjoyed the book
User:Date:12-Nov-17 23:01:56 AEDST
User:Date:12-Nov-17 17:58:17 AEDST
Praise:Great item. Very fast delivery. Thank you.
User:Date:12-Nov-17 15:39:07 AEDST
User:Date:12-Nov-17 13:04:37 AEDST
Praise:As described, suitably packed, prompt delivery, thanks. JB
User:Date:12-Nov-17 03:16:14 AEDST
Praise:Thank you! 👍😊
User:Date:11-Nov-17 12:06:28 AEDST
Praise:Great seller thank you A++
User:Date:11-Nov-17 00:14:20 AEDST
Praise:Many thanks
User:Date:10-Nov-17 16:40:00 AEDST
Praise:Good service, thank you :)
User:Date:10-Nov-17 16:20:03 AEDST
Praise:Fast Postage Item as described a++ seller.
User:Date:10-Nov-17 14:53:43 AEDST
Praise:I absolutely love my watch! A+ Seller.
User:Date:10-Nov-17 14:03:05 AEDST
User:Date:10-Nov-17 09:34:45 AEDST
Praise:Fast eBay purchase arrival! 5 stars !!
User:Date:10-Nov-17 00:35:29 AEDST
Praise:Great seller. 5 stars.
User:Date:09-Nov-17 14:55:55 AEDST
Praise:Exactly what I wanted.
User:Date:09-Nov-17 12:55:57 AEDST
User:Date:09-Nov-17 11:24:23 AEDST
User:Date:09-Nov-17 10:55:50 AEDST
Praise:Many thanks
User:Date:09-Nov-17 08:33:51 AEDST
Praise: Great seller
User:Date:09-Nov-17 08:26:44 AEDST
Praise:Item as described, no issues
User:Date:09-Nov-17 05:14:29 AEDST
Praise:Thanks 👍🏼
User:Date:09-Nov-17 02:59:28 AEDST
User:Date:08-Nov-17 21:06:57 AEDST
User:Date:08-Nov-17 21:06:51 AEDST
Praise:Good seller
User:Date:08-Nov-17 19:12:59 AEDST
Praise:Item exactly as described & pictured. Very happy with item.
User:Date:08-Nov-17 19:10:26 AEDST
Praise:A+ quick to ship. Good price. As ordered.
User:Date:08-Nov-17 18:56:35 AEDST
Praise:Good book and great delivery.
User:Date:08-Nov-17 17:28:18 AEDST
User:Date:08-Nov-17 17:03:39 AEDST
Praise:awesome 👍🔮🔮👍5 stars
User:Date:08-Nov-17 16:34:28 AEDST
Praise:Awesome book, thanks heaps. Great eBay shop
User:Date:08-Nov-17 16:14:38 AEDST
Praise:Great item, thank you!
User:Date:08-Nov-17 14:31:51 AEDST
Praise:Item received. Good page coverage. Thank you.
User:Date:08-Nov-17 14:05:57 AEDST
Praise:Extremely happy with it!
User:Date:08-Nov-17 10:24:38 AEDST
Praise:Very happy and well packaged thank you.
User:Date:08-Nov-17 09:48:47 AEDST
Praise:Thanks. No dramas
User:Date:08-Nov-17 07:25:20 AEDST
Praise:Arrived as described. Would happily do business again.
User:Date:07-Nov-17 22:14:09 AEDST
User:Date:07-Nov-17 20:39:26 AEDST
Neutral:Good small size paperback
User:Date:07-Nov-17 18:30:40 AEDST
Praise:Be ready2wait. Took month 2arrive week over ex date. Seller did offer refund tho
User:Date:07-Nov-17 14:02:31 AEDST
Praise:Arrived in perfect condition, but a week late than expected
User:Date:07-Nov-17 11:53:12 AEDST
Praise:Good deal. Top quality item.
User:Date:07-Nov-17 07:28:21 AEDST
Praise:HOpe this book helps me out!
User:Date:07-Nov-17 04:30:12 AEDST
Praise:danke, gerne wieder
User:Date:06-Nov-17 21:28:14 AEDST
User:Date:05-Nov-17 21:04:38 AEDST
Praise:Thanks, great item
User:Date:05-Nov-17 18:36:01 AEDST
Praise:Excellent seller to deal with, item arrived all well and good, thanks
User:Date:05-Nov-17 13:15:05 AEDST
Praise:Great. Arrived quickly and safely. Thank you. Appreciated.
User:Date:04-Nov-17 22:56:37 AEDST
Praise:item as described
User:Date:04-Nov-17 17:37:23 AEDST
Neutral:Terrible service - arrived way later than it should have and seller unhelpful
User:Date:04-Nov-17 11:30:21 AEDST
Praise:Book in excellent condition. Happy to recommend
User:Date:04-Nov-17 10:21:01 AEDST
Praise:Very interesting Book - Good Service - THANKS !
User:Date:04-Nov-17 07:09:38 AEDST
Praise:Object missing in transit, seller replied quickly and refunded. Honest seller.
User:Date:04-Nov-17 03:19:40 AEDST
Praise:Alles bestens
User:Date:04-Nov-17 01:59:55 AEDST
Praise:good seller
User:Date:03-Nov-17 22:29:36 AEDST
Praise:Great book - quick delivery - AAA+++ seller
User:Date:03-Nov-17 19:52:28 AEDST
Praise:gr8 book slow postage
User:Date:03-Nov-17 13:27:31 AEDST
Praise:Case Closed # 63 came instead of # 64.
User:Date:03-Nov-17 03:05:42 AEDST
Praise:Got here super quick. So happy
User:Date:02-Nov-17 18:28:13 AEDST
Praise:Excellent item
User:Date:02-Nov-17 14:55:59 AEDST
Praise:Book never showed, but got full refund,extremely honest dealer,sorry no show, M.
User:Date:02-Nov-17 11:57:34 AEDST
Praise:Great deal, just as described - thank you
User:Date:02-Nov-17 10:25:24 AEDST
Praise:Super. Five stars. Thanks again.
User:Date:01-Nov-17 20:56:41 AEDST
Praise:great item thanks
User:Date:01-Nov-17 18:18:35 AEDST
Praise:Great service
User:Date:01-Nov-17 11:08:16 AEDST
Praise:Shipped fast, great price, Thanks
User:Date:31-Oct-17 21:35:44 AEDST
Praise:All ok ! A +++++
User:Date:31-Oct-17 21:04:47 AEDST
Praise:Super fast delivery,Thank you!!
User:Date:31-Oct-17 08:45:23 AEDST
Praise:Item is as described. Happy customer. Thanks heaps :)
User:Date:31-Oct-17 06:40:56 AEDST
Praise:Book as described, perfect condition and quick shipment! Thanks!
User:Date:31-Oct-17 04:19:52 AEDST
Praise:Thanks! Great to do business with!
User:Date:30-Oct-17 23:17:46 AEDST
Praise:Good ebayer
User:Date:30-Oct-17 18:23:46 AEDST
Praise:All good thank you
User:Date:30-Oct-17 15:54:52 AEDST
Praise:Late, but everything else ok
User:Date:29-Oct-17 21:10:19 AEDST
Praise:Beautiful! Fast postage! Thank you!!
User:Date:29-Oct-17 19:08:50 AEDST
Praise:Fast shipping. Great seller!
User:Date:29-Oct-17 14:54:52 AEDST
Praise:as described
User:Date:29-Oct-17 14:24:41 AEDST
Praise:Great transaction thank you
User:Date:29-Oct-17 12:47:08 AEDST
Praise:exactly as advertised
User:Date:29-Oct-17 12:43:21 AEDST
Praise:Great to deal with, item arrived slightly damaged due to basic packaging
User:Date:28-Oct-17 23:43:16 AEDST
Praise:Great seller, good comunications and only 0.02$ shipping. +++++
User:Date:28-Oct-17 21:44:30 AEDST
Praise:Great sevice
User:Date:28-Oct-17 19:33:07 AEDST
Praise:excellent, thanks
User:Date:28-Oct-17 14:49:39 AEDST
Praise:Great product. Fast delivery. Nice one A+++
User:Date:28-Oct-17 13:53:49 AEDST
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:27-Oct-17 23:27:29 AEDST
Praise:IT ARRIVED. 22 days late. Bought another copy as I thought it was lost forever.
User:Date:27-Oct-17 22:34:07 AEDST
Praise:Child loves it
User:Date:27-Oct-17 21:38:23 AEDST
Praise:perfect, thanks a lot
User:Date:27-Oct-17 19:42:46 AEDST
Praise:Great book, recommended seller
User:Date:27-Oct-17 16:54:24 AEDST
Praise:Book and delivery as described. Recommended seller.
User:Date:27-Oct-17 13:25:37 AEDST
Praise:Pleasure to deal with! Very happy!
User:Date:27-Oct-17 12:33:59 AEDST
Praise:very happy with my purchase, thanks
User:Date:27-Oct-17 12:04:04 AEDST
Praise:Perfect. As described.
User:Date:27-Oct-17 10:02:50 AEDST
Praise:Excellent +++
User:Date:27-Oct-17 08:55:41 AEDST
Praise:item arrived as described and on time, excellent seller
User:Date:26-Oct-17 22:44:32 AEDST
Praise:Didn't receive the items but did get full refund no issues
User:Date:26-Oct-17 22:14:44 AEDST
Praise:Great Seller. All Perfect. Thank you! :)
User:Date:26-Oct-17 21:50:14 AEDST
Praise:Great, my son will be happy to get this for Christmas , thanks.
User:Date:26-Oct-17 17:49:04 AEDST
User:Date:26-Oct-17 15:51:49 AEDST
Praise:Thankyou, smooth sailing al the way A+
User:Date:26-Oct-17 10:18:09 AEDST
Praise:Jolly Good!!!
User:Date:26-Oct-17 06:09:40 AEDST
Praise:as advertised
User:Date:26-Oct-17 01:24:37 AEDST
Praise:Slow postage, sourced through Germany. OK otherwise.
User:Date:25-Oct-17 23:44:08 AEDST
Praise:Thank you!!!
User:Date:25-Oct-17 22:55:56 AEDST
Praise:Thankyou, great service. Highly recommended
User:Date:25-Oct-17 21:00:59 AEDST
Praise:Thanks for the cards:)
User:Date:25-Oct-17 18:11:02 AEDST
Praise:Thank you - excellent condition
User:Date:25-Oct-17 16:55:56 AEDST
User:Date:25-Oct-17 16:53:56 AEDST
Praise:all good
User:Date:25-Oct-17 15:15:29 AEDST
Praise:A+++, Great communication, decent shipping time, item in great quality thanks :)
User:Date:25-Oct-17 12:26:25 AEDST
Praise:Thanks very much. Very happy
User:Date:25-Oct-17 10:49:04 AEDST
Praise:great seller
User:Date:25-Oct-17 08:45:07 AEDST
Praise:Book arrived safe and sound. Thank you.
User:Date:25-Oct-17 08:20:52 AEDST
Praise:Smooth transaction, valued seller. A+++
User:Date:25-Oct-17 03:43:16 AEDST
Praise:As pictured and described. Fast shipping. Thank you!
User:Date:24-Oct-17 23:22:26 AEDST
Praise:Thank you :)
User:Date:24-Oct-17 21:35:02 AEDST
Praise:Great very happy
User:Date:24-Oct-17 21:26:35 AEDST
Praise:Excellent service and shipping speed.
User:Date:24-Oct-17 20:23:27 AEDST
Praise:Great item, thank you.
User:Date:24-Oct-17 18:15:44 AEDST
Praise:Great service
User:Date:24-Oct-17 18:15:05 AEDST
Praise:Received book... ..Thanks
User:Date:24-Oct-17 18:02:14 AEDST
Praise:Great Seller, easy to deal with, good communication A+++++++
User:Date:24-Oct-17 15:49:01 AEDST
Praise:Thanks, fast postage
User:Date:24-Oct-17 15:35:11 AEDST
Praise:Great thanks!
User:Date:24-Oct-17 13:12:33 AEDST
Praise:Great book, very happy, thanking you
User:Date:24-Oct-17 11:49:45 AEDST
Praise:Great seller - many thanks! A++++
User:Date:24-Oct-17 08:18:01 AEDST
User:Date:24-Oct-17 07:28:08 AEDST
Praise:thank you
User:Date:24-Oct-17 06:07:25 AEDST
Praise:good quality and delivery
User:Date:24-Oct-17 02:56:37 AEDST
Praise:fun, cool designs!
User:Date:23-Oct-17 22:26:39 AEDST
User:Date:23-Oct-17 19:18:17 AEDST
Praise:Good. Happy.
User:Date:23-Oct-17 12:29:26 AEDST
User:Date:23-Oct-17 08:55:18 AEDST
Praise:Good book, but Auspost delivered 10 days later than expected.
User:Date:23-Oct-17 07:22:29 AEDST
Praise:Great eBayer. Highly recommended
User:Date:23-Oct-17 01:46:12 AEDST
Praise:Great seller!
User:Date:22-Oct-17 15:54:46 AEDST
User:Date:22-Oct-17 13:50:59 AEDST
Praise:Good price - Fast delivery - Super deal - Thank you !
User:Date:22-Oct-17 07:47:47 AEDST
Praise:Excellent Seller, Quick Shipment, Quality Book! Thanks! AAA+++
User:Date:21-Oct-17 20:48:29 AEDST
Praise:Great item! Thanks!
User:Date:21-Oct-17 17:26:41 AEDST
Praise:Thank you 😄
User:Date:21-Oct-17 16:12:59 AEDST
User:Date:20-Oct-17 21:10:32 AEDST
Praise:Highly recommended.
User:Date:20-Oct-17 20:30:09 AEDST
Praise:Excellent product, speedy delivery, great communicator. A+A+ eBayer!!
User:Date:20-Oct-17 19:56:12 AEDST
Praise:Item excellent, Thanks
User:Date:20-Oct-17 15:05:13 AEDST
Praise:A+, Great communication, item in great quality thank you :)
User:Date:20-Oct-17 15:04:26 AEDST
Praise:A+, Great communication, item in great quality thanks :)
User:Date:20-Oct-17 10:46:18 AEDST
User:Date:20-Oct-17 08:50:25 AEDST
Praise:arrived in excellent condition as described, thanks
User:Date:19-Oct-17 22:10:42 AEDST
Praise:Great Bayer!! Highly recommended. Thank you!
User:Date:19-Oct-17 17:25:45 AEDST
Praise:Great Seller! Great Product!
User:Date:19-Oct-17 17:24:47 AEDST
Praise:Great helpful seller
User:Date:19-Oct-17 17:20:46 AEDST
Praise:Awesome seller, very quick delivery. Will use again.
User:Date:19-Oct-17 15:53:09 AEDST