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Books2anywhereUK started life in 2000 and have now spent over 10 years offering a wide selection items at competitive prices. We are committed to maintaining excellent customer service and providing an enjoyable shopping experience.

If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team who will always be happy to help. To do this, please click the β€œAsk a question” link located at the bottom of our listings.

User:Date:06-Mar-15 17:33:35 AEDST
Praise:Great love it A+++ etc
User:Date:06-Mar-15 16:36:04 AEDST
Praise:Purchase was refunded due to book being unavailable.
User:Date:06-Mar-15 14:13:37 AEDST
User:Date:06-Mar-15 12:40:15 AEDST
Praise:great seller, quick postage, thank you :)
User:Date:06-Mar-15 12:05:10 AEDST
Praise:AAAA++++ seller
User:Date:06-Mar-15 11:17:02 AEDST
Praise:Very happy.
User:Date:06-Mar-15 10:37:25 AEDST
Praise:Item arrived as described, many thanks
User:Date:06-Mar-15 09:55:20 AEDST
Praise:Good price and prompt delivery.
User:Date:06-Mar-15 03:04:55 AEDST
Praise:Happy. Great service. Think 'commotion in the ocean' is better but still love.
User:Date:06-Mar-15 03:04:37 AEDST
Praise:Happy. Great service. Think 'commotion in the ocean' is better but still love.
User:Date:05-Mar-15 23:37:21 AEDST
User:Date:05-Mar-15 23:17:31 AEDST
Praise:Cheers thankyou
User:Date:05-Mar-15 23:05:00 AEDST
Praise:Excellent seller!
User:Date:05-Mar-15 23:04:20 AEDST
Praise:HAPPY!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€thanks!! Very beautiful and super fast delivery! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
User:Date:05-Mar-15 21:49:21 AEDST
Praise:Really fast service.
User:Date:05-Mar-15 21:25:24 AEDST
Praise:Great price and fast postage!!
User:Date:05-Mar-15 18:53:18 AEDST
Praise:Item received, arrived much faster than I had expected. Highly recommended!!
User:Date:05-Mar-15 18:40:14 AEDST
Praise:Excellent service!! Definitely buying from here again πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
User:Date:05-Mar-15 17:32:35 AEDST
Praise:good seller, quick delivery
User:Date:05-Mar-15 16:52:14 AEDST
Praise:All good
User:Date:05-Mar-15 16:12:18 AEDST
Praise:Pleased with item
User:Date:05-Mar-15 15:41:52 AEDST
Praise:Item as described and fast postage. Thanks!
User:Date:05-Mar-15 15:18:40 AEDST
User:Date:05-Mar-15 11:31:38 AEDST
Praise:item as dscribed. Quick delivery.
User:Date:05-Mar-15 11:10:28 AEDST
Praise:Excellent Ebyer & Tanks
User:Date:05-Mar-15 10:32:26 AEDST
Praise:great value,fast delivery,and wonderful music-many thanks
User:Date:05-Mar-15 06:54:43 AEDST
User:Date:05-Mar-15 02:39:17 AEDST
Praise:Item in perfect condition and posted extremely fast! Thank you!
User:Date:05-Mar-15 00:24:59 AEDST
Praise:Super Seller awesome
User:Date:04-Mar-15 23:26:38 AEDST
Praise:Perfect got it autographed the day after i got it by Alex himself
User:Date:04-Mar-15 23:26:23 AEDST
Complaint:Very disappointing and very unprofessional.
User:Date:04-Mar-15 23:21:17 AEDST
Praise:Sweet as. I'm happy
User:Date:04-Mar-15 21:40:23 AEDST
Praise:Fabulous item, just as described and speedy delivery. Thank you!
User:Date:04-Mar-15 21:32:49 AEDST
Praise:Very happy, Thankyou
User:Date:04-Mar-15 19:59:41 AEDST
Praise:Great eBayer! Item received as described. Thank u :)
User:Date:04-Mar-15 19:54:11 AEDST
Praise:Good Ebayer - thank you
User:Date:04-Mar-15 18:21:15 AEDST
Praise:Thank you. Fast delivery and as described.
User:Date:04-Mar-15 16:43:14 AEDST
Praise:Great item. Thank you
User:Date:04-Mar-15 16:35:50 AEDST
User:Date:04-Mar-15 16:30:34 AEDST
Praise:Very pleased with my items and with your great service ...Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!
User:Date:04-Mar-15 14:38:40 AEDST
User:Date:04-Mar-15 13:52:39 AEDST
Praise:Great product!
User:Date:04-Mar-15 13:17:05 AEDST
Praise:AAAA++++ seller
User:Date:04-Mar-15 12:00:36 AEDST
Praise:Great service! Great seller! 5 stars.
User:Date:04-Mar-15 08:36:50 AEDST
Praise:Good Quality
User:Date:04-Mar-15 07:25:58 AEDST
Praise:Thank you for fast and easy transaction, highly recommended
User:Date:04-Mar-15 05:11:25 AEDST
User:Date:03-Mar-15 22:54:17 AEDST
User:Date:03-Mar-15 22:21:29 AEDST
User:Date:03-Mar-15 22:16:47 AEDST
User:Date:03-Mar-15 22:12:35 AEDST
Praise:Great item, quick shipping, definitely recommend
User:Date:03-Mar-15 22:09:59 AEDST
Praise:Perfect. Thank you.
User:Date:03-Mar-15 22:07:41 AEDST
Praise:Thanks again. Lovely book and fast delivery
User:Date:03-Mar-15 21:31:19 AEDST
User:Date:03-Mar-15 21:26:46 AEDST
Praise:very good seller
User:Date:03-Mar-15 21:12:35 AEDST
Praise:Very happy customer here. Thankyou πŸ˜ƒ
User:Date:03-Mar-15 21:11:48 AEDST
Praise:Very happy customer here. Thankyou πŸ˜ƒ
User:Date:03-Mar-15 20:29:11 AEDST
Praise:Great service from a very professional eSeller. Cheers
User:Date:03-Mar-15 20:12:26 AEDST
Praise:As Described. Cover light scratches, Poor packaging for transit to AUST
User:Date:03-Mar-15 19:31:34 AEDST
Praise:Many Thanks
User:Date:03-Mar-15 19:22:10 AEDST
Praise:great service
User:Date:03-Mar-15 19:22:10 AEDST
Praise:great service
User:Date:03-Mar-15 17:59:32 AEDST
Praise:Quick delivery, pleasure doing business! A+ transaction.
User:Date:03-Mar-15 17:50:22 AEDST
Praise:Quick delivery, as described, excellent, thanks *****
User:Date:03-Mar-15 17:43:52 AEDST
Praise:Great service thank you.
User:Date:03-Mar-15 17:36:41 AEDST
User:Date:03-Mar-15 17:28:54 AEDST
Praise:As described. Fast post. Highly recommended!
User:Date:03-Mar-15 17:07:26 AEDST
Praise:Item as described, quick postage. Thanks
User:Date:03-Mar-15 16:50:45 AEDST
Praise:recommended ebayer thank you
User:Date:03-Mar-15 16:06:01 AEDST
Praise:Nice product, well priced and fast int'l shipping. Very happy.
User:Date:03-Mar-15 16:03:40 AEDST
Praise:Nice product, well priced and fast int'l shipping. Very happy.
User:Date:03-Mar-15 15:25:22 AEDST
Praise:Exactly as described. Packaged well. Fast delivery. Highly recommended seller.
User:Date:03-Mar-15 15:24:38 AEDST
Praise:good product . Fast postage
User:Date:03-Mar-15 13:23:24 AEDST
Praise:Happy with purchase. Thanks.
User:Date:03-Mar-15 12:56:20 AEDST
Praise:great service from seller, good reference book
User:Date:03-Mar-15 12:53:55 AEDST
Praise:all good - well received - no problems
User:Date:03-Mar-15 12:32:48 AEDST
Praise:As described,well packed with quick and reasonable postage,recomended seller.
User:Date:03-Mar-15 12:28:37 AEDST
Praise:Excellent AAA+ transaction - extremely happy with purchase, thank you
User:Date:03-Mar-15 11:27:17 AEDST
Praise:Very happy, thank you! Extremely fast shipping. So happy
User:Date:03-Mar-15 09:38:29 AEDST
Praise:Great reading, I'm emotional now
User:Date:03-Mar-15 08:29:59 AEDST
Praise:Very quick and easy transaction.
User:Date:03-Mar-15 08:04:40 AEDST
Praise:Order refunded quickly when book not available, thanks
User:Date:03-Mar-15 03:20:10 AEDST
Praise:Smooth transaction
User:Date:03-Mar-15 00:02:03 AEDST
User:Date:02-Mar-15 20:54:00 AEDST
User:Date:02-Mar-15 20:21:30 AEDST
Praise:Love this book!! So helpful
User:Date:02-Mar-15 18:45:26 AEDST
Praise:Perfect Transaction, thanks
User:Date:02-Mar-15 18:43:36 AEDST
Praise:Great products fast delivery
User:Date:02-Mar-15 18:38:15 AEDST
Praise:Great! Thank you!
User:Date:02-Mar-15 17:47:06 AEDST
Praise:Absolutely Fabulous. Better than the pictures.
User:Date:02-Mar-15 17:21:07 AEDST
User:Date:02-Mar-15 17:19:32 AEDST
User:Date:02-Mar-15 17:19:03 AEDST
User:Date:02-Mar-15 17:18:32 AEDST
User:Date:02-Mar-15 17:18:03 AEDST
User:Date:02-Mar-15 16:01:42 AEDST
Praise:Thank you,great service,great product and packing. Tracy
User:Date:02-Mar-15 15:03:44 AEDST
Praise:Good seller
User:Date:02-Mar-15 15:02:49 AEDST
Praise:Good seller
User:Date:02-Mar-15 14:18:31 AEDST
Praise:A+++ Thank you so much
User:Date:02-Mar-15 13:43:25 AEDST
Praise:Very happy! Perfect Thankyou :) A++++++
User:Date:02-Mar-15 13:33:00 AEDST
User:Date:02-Mar-15 13:32:29 AEDST
User:Date:02-Mar-15 13:02:53 AEDST
User:Date:02-Mar-15 12:36:14 AEDST
Praise:Thanks Easy transaction Fast Delivery
User:Date:02-Mar-15 10:02:21 AEDST
Praise:perfect condition great item thanks
User:Date:01-Mar-15 19:41:46 AEDST
User:Date:01-Mar-15 19:31:45 AEDST
Praise:fast service and well packed thanks
User:Date:01-Mar-15 19:05:50 AEDST
Praise:Great and easy to buy, good delivery. Thank you so much!
User:Date:01-Mar-15 10:33:01 AEDST
Praise:Amazing seller so glad there are amazing sellers like this on eBay a+++++
User:Date:01-Mar-15 10:28:12 AEDST
User:Date:01-Mar-15 00:36:02 AEDST
Praise:Excellent seller and excellent product, highly recommend
User:Date:28-Feb-15 22:05:32 AEDST
User:Date:28-Feb-15 21:34:25 AEDST
Praise:Great item with fast postage. Thank you.
User:Date:28-Feb-15 17:51:51 AEDST
Praise:Good seller
User:Date:28-Feb-15 17:03:15 AEDST
Praise:A+ Great eBayer!
User:Date:28-Feb-15 15:38:16 AEDST
Praise:Recommended Cheers A+++
User:Date:28-Feb-15 14:13:32 AEDST
User:Date:28-Feb-15 13:37:32 AEDST
Complaint:couldn't fulfil my order
User:Date:28-Feb-15 11:25:44 AEDST
Praise:Brilliant service thank you 😊
User:Date:28-Feb-15 09:31:15 AEDST
Praise:Item as listed. Thank you.
User:Date:28-Feb-15 07:55:53 AEDST
Praise:item arrived promptly and was as described
User:Date:28-Feb-15 07:55:53 AEDST
Praise:item arrived promptly and was as described
User:Date:28-Feb-15 03:43:04 AEDST
Praise:Very happy. Thanks !
User:Date:28-Feb-15 01:15:53 AEDST
Praise:Really happy, thank you
User:Date:28-Feb-15 01:11:44 AEDST
Praise:Very fast
User:Date:27-Feb-15 23:55:03 AEDST
Praise:Excellent seller, thanks. Love the book. A +++++
User:Date:27-Feb-15 23:32:40 AEDST
Praise:Excellent transaction
User:Date:27-Feb-15 23:25:22 AEDST
Praise:Awesome! Really quick delivery time too!!!
User:Date:27-Feb-15 22:42:02 AEDST
Praise:Thank you.
User:Date:27-Feb-15 21:21:58 AEDST
Praise:A+++++++ will use again qick post of free love it will be back
User:Date:27-Feb-15 21:21:41 AEDST
Praise:Fabulous Map.. This is my second. A must have if touring Scotland. Great Seller.
User:Date:27-Feb-15 20:48:18 AEDST
Praise:Great ebayer!!!! Excellent!!
User:Date:27-Feb-15 20:35:40 AEDST
Praise:Very happy - fast delivery great product
User:Date:27-Feb-15 20:34:53 AEDST
Praise:Thankyou very much .
User:Date:27-Feb-15 19:04:56 AEDST
Praise:excellent purchase, very happy with seller
User:Date:27-Feb-15 18:03:31 AEDST
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:27-Feb-15 17:37:07 AEDST
Praise:swift delivery quality book AAA+ seller
User:Date:27-Feb-15 17:15:41 AEDST
Praise:Wonderful fast service
User:Date:27-Feb-15 15:58:00 AEDST
Praise:Great Ebay experience. Would recommend this seller.
User:Date:27-Feb-15 12:05:07 AEDST
Praise:good seller
User:Date:27-Feb-15 10:51:16 AEDST
Praise:Couldn't be happier!
User:Date:27-Feb-15 10:18:55 AEDST
Praise:Love it. Thanks heaps
User:Date:27-Feb-15 06:19:02 AEDST
Praise:Great trade thanks. All good. A+++
User:Date:27-Feb-15 04:34:31 AEDST
Praise:Great service posted in a few days fantastic ebayer
User:Date:27-Feb-15 00:41:32 AEDST
Praise:A+++ Great fast transaction
User:Date:26-Feb-15 23:28:34 AEDST
Praise:Excellent cd excellent seller fast postage Thank You A+++++++
User:Date:26-Feb-15 23:28:18 AEDST
Praise:Excellent cd excellent seller fast postage Thank You A+++++++
User:Date:26-Feb-15 22:42:09 AEDST
Praise:Quality seller. Recommendato.
User:Date:26-Feb-15 22:30:19 AEDST
Praise:A+++ Fast delivery! Very happy 5β˜… Great to do business with you :-)
User:Date:26-Feb-15 21:44:28 AEDST
User:Date:26-Feb-15 20:32:45 AEDST
Praise:Great seller - very honest with me and reliable. Highly recommend.
User:Date:26-Feb-15 20:31:41 AEDST
Praise:Perfect easy greatness giggidy
User:Date:26-Feb-15 20:10:56 AEDST
Praise:Great, thanks!
User:Date:26-Feb-15 19:20:56 AEDST
Praise:All good
User:Date:26-Feb-15 18:37:55 AEDST
Praise:Thank you.
User:Date:26-Feb-15 18:30:06 AEDST
Praise:Just what was wanted. Efficient and quick service. Highly recommended
User:Date:26-Feb-15 18:26:23 AEDST
Praise:Thank you for being so quick
User:Date:26-Feb-15 18:25:44 AEDST
Praise:Thank you for being so quick
User:Date:26-Feb-15 17:56:25 AEDST
Praise:Wonderful fast service can't believe it came so quickly
User:Date:26-Feb-15 17:52:45 AEDST
Complaint:A week after buying, I received a message to say they are out of stock.
User:Date:26-Feb-15 17:46:30 AEDST
Praise:Great product and service.
User:Date:26-Feb-15 17:27:57 AEDST
Praise:Great book thanx
User:Date:26-Feb-15 16:53:45 AEDST
Praise:Item as described, thrilled with purchase.Great seller, definitely recommend
User:Date:26-Feb-15 15:44:58 AEDST
User:Date:26-Feb-15 15:42:55 AEDST
Praise:Nice product, good price and fast shipping. Very happy, thank you.
User:Date:26-Feb-15 15:32:59 AEDST
Praise:What a great ebayer...and very prompt with posting ...thanks
User:Date:26-Feb-15 15:32:32 AEDST
Praise:What a great ebayer...and very prompt with posting ...thanks
User:Date:26-Feb-15 14:29:58 AEDST
Praise:Arrived on the 26th. Amazing. A little water damage to one side otherwise OK.
User:Date:26-Feb-15 14:04:34 AEDST
Praise:Good seller
User:Date:26-Feb-15 14:04:34 AEDST
Praise:Cant wait to read
User:Date:26-Feb-15 13:58:47 AEDST
Praise:Quick post and item as promised, would recommend for purchases
User:Date:26-Feb-15 13:56:21 AEDST
Praise:All Good Thanks would use again fast & good service & great products
User:Date:26-Feb-15 13:27:53 AEDST
Praise:The turn around was great and everything was what I expected and will buy again
User:Date:26-Feb-15 13:27:27 AEDST
User:Date:26-Feb-15 13:06:06 AEDST
Praise:Great seller, quick delivery
User:Date:26-Feb-15 13:02:06 AEDST
Praise:Perfect, AAAA++++
User:Date:26-Feb-15 12:55:26 AEDST
Praise:Great, thank you.
User:Date:26-Feb-15 12:39:23 AEDST
Neutral:Seller cancelled order one week after payment. Refund given, very disappointed!
User:Date:26-Feb-15 12:28:11 AEDST
Praise:great price an excellent seller AAA+++
User:Date:26-Feb-15 12:25:58 AEDST
User:Date:26-Feb-15 11:41:47 AEDST
Praise:Great item A++ thank you ! Fast postage !! Super !
User:Date:26-Feb-15 11:38:34 AEDST
Praise:β˜†If only everything in life was as easy as dealing with you. Always a pleasure β˜†
User:Date:26-Feb-15 11:34:42 AEDST
Praise:Accurate description and fast postage.
User:Date:26-Feb-15 11:02:25 AEDST
Praise:Fabulous ebay experience! 🐣
User:Date:26-Feb-15 10:21:05 AEDST
Praise:Thank you
User:Date:26-Feb-15 04:59:42 AEDST
Praise:Thank very much A++ seller
User:Date:25-Feb-15 22:34:37 AEDST
Praise:Super Fast delivery. Great seller.
User:Date:25-Feb-15 22:04:36 AEDST
Praise:Best seller!!! Thank you :-) super fast post and perfect condition
User:Date:25-Feb-15 21:29:04 AEDST
Praise:Item as described. Received with thanks.
User:Date:25-Feb-15 21:16:55 AEDST
Praise:Great Product. Great Ebayer. Fast Delivery. As Described. Thanks :)
User:Date:25-Feb-15 20:20:00 AEDST
Praise:Would buy from them again
User:Date:25-Feb-15 19:13:09 AEDST
Praise:Quick postage & perfect product!!
User:Date:25-Feb-15 18:50:06 AEDST
Praise:Very happy with service. Highly recommended.
User:Date:25-Feb-15 18:32:26 AEDST
Praise:Super quick postage. Item as described. Thanks.
User:Date:25-Feb-15 17:08:41 AEDST
Praise:Great seller. Quick postage to Australia. Thanks very much.
User:Date:25-Feb-15 16:54:29 AEDST
Praise:Highly recommend. Many thanks.
User:Date:25-Feb-15 16:38:11 AEDST
Praise:great thanks
User:Date:25-Feb-15 16:04:22 AEDST
Praise:Very pleased with item, communication and delivery speed. Thank you :-)
User:Date:25-Feb-15 15:34:00 AEDST
Praise:Excellent seller.
User:Date:25-Feb-15 15:14:21 AEDST
Praise:Great service! Highly recommended!