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Books2anywhereUK started life in 2000 and have now spent over 10 years offering a wide selection items at competitive prices. We are committed to maintaining excellent customer service and providing an enjoyable shopping experience.

If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team who will always be happy to help. To do this, please click the “Ask a question” link located at the bottom of our listings.

User:Date:26-May-17 20:40:29 AEST
Praise:Very quick delivery
User:Date:26-May-17 20:38:38 AEST
User:Date:26-May-17 18:40:09 AEST
Praise:Excellent seller. Thank you.
User:Date:26-May-17 18:04:06 AEST
User:Date:26-May-17 17:51:07 AEST
Praise:Item arrived in good condition but the clear plastic wheel had come off the book
User:Date:26-May-17 15:56:47 AEST
Praise:Item as described
User:Date:26-May-17 04:30:09 AEST
Praise:Thanks. Happy with my book.
User:Date:26-May-17 04:28:24 AEST
Praise:The book was in superb condition!!
User:Date:26-May-17 01:17:37 AEST
User:Date:25-May-17 22:28:31 AEST
Praise:Excellent service. Thanks.
User:Date:25-May-17 21:46:26 AEST
Praise:Product just as described, reasonably fast postage and great seller :) Thanks A+
User:Date:25-May-17 21:21:03 AEST
Praise:Great thanks
User:Date:25-May-17 21:05:20 AEST
Praise:Good quality . Thankyou
User:Date:25-May-17 11:19:37 AEST
Praise:Good little book
User:Date:25-May-17 04:40:01 AEST
Praise:i like this ithem. thank you.
User:Date:25-May-17 01:07:39 AEST
Praise:Thank you for prompt delivery
User:Date:24-May-17 23:02:37 AEST
User:Date:24-May-17 22:30:44 AEST
Praise:Received the book. Thanks.
User:Date:24-May-17 21:19:22 AEST
Praise:The book is wonderful. Glad to have it.
User:Date:24-May-17 19:01:17 AEST
User:Date:24-May-17 17:40:17 AEST
Praise:item has arrived
User:Date:24-May-17 17:32:20 AEST
Praise:Didn't arrive, money refunded
User:Date:24-May-17 14:50:19 AEST
Praise:Beatiful book, well packaged, as expected
User:Date:24-May-17 12:58:13 AEST
User:Date:24-May-17 07:31:13 AEST
User:Date:23-May-17 16:55:46 AEST
Praise:Thank You
User:Date:23-May-17 16:01:36 AEST
Praise:Thanks, wonderful book arrived in great condition and early!
User:Date:23-May-17 15:33:04 AEST
Praise:recevied today pm 23/05/ 2017,. fast, very happy thank you and the post office.
User:Date:23-May-17 15:06:31 AEST
Praise:Excellent seller++ Recommended++ Thank you!!
User:Date:23-May-17 12:26:01 AEST
Praise:Good seller
User:Date:23-May-17 07:14:54 AEST
Praise:Great book.
User:Date:23-May-17 01:15:26 AEST
Praise:Great item a+++++++++
User:Date:22-May-17 23:48:26 AEST
User:Date:22-May-17 19:52:21 AEST
Praise:Excellent AAA+++
User:Date:22-May-17 18:34:19 AEST
Praise:Thanks .
User:Date:22-May-17 17:05:02 AEST
User:Date:22-May-17 12:05:53 AEST
Praise:great product thamks
User:Date:22-May-17 11:55:51 AEST
Praise:Very good to do business with
User:Date:22-May-17 02:35:07 AEST
Praise:Great item, fast delivery. Excellent Service. A+
User:Date:21-May-17 18:25:57 AEST
Praise:Great product and excellent service, thankyou! A++++
User:Date:21-May-17 09:16:00 AEST
User:Date:21-May-17 03:36:35 AEST
Praise:Happy with item and delivery. Thank you.
User:Date:20-May-17 13:31:02 AEST
Praise:Prompt satisfied
User:Date:20-May-17 12:05:18 AEST
Praise:Took awhile to arrive, 19/5/2017.
User:Date:20-May-17 09:15:00 AEST
Praise:Brilliant. Super fast delivery. Thank you. AAA+++ seller.
User:Date:20-May-17 07:31:59 AEST
Praise:Thanks so much 👏🏻😍
User:Date:20-May-17 01:32:46 AEST
Praise:Great book, fast shipping...thanks!
User:Date:19-May-17 23:24:51 AEST
Praise:Item as described and good communication. Recommended.
User:Date:19-May-17 23:07:59 AEST
Praise:Thank you. Perfect!!
User:Date:19-May-17 19:41:43 AEST
Praise:great seller ++
User:Date:19-May-17 18:05:38 AEST
Praise:Item arrived in good condition
User:Date:19-May-17 16:29:36 AEST
Praise:Thanks for the excellent service!
User:Date:19-May-17 16:03:33 AEST
Praise:highly recommend this seller
User:Date:19-May-17 14:34:10 AEST
Praise:Item arrived, thank you.
User:Date:19-May-17 11:30:44 AEST
Praise:All good!
User:Date:18-May-17 23:05:07 AEST
Praise:As described. Trusted seller. Thank you.
User:Date:18-May-17 21:35:03 AEST
Praise:Perfect transaction. Thank you
User:Date:18-May-17 21:21:46 AEST
Praise:Excellent! Thank you.
User:Date:18-May-17 19:52:50 AEST
Praise:Thank you :)
User:Date:18-May-17 18:55:00 AEST
Praise:Excellent, brand new, as described. A+
User:Date:18-May-17 05:21:22 AEST
Praise:Fantastic ebayer, well packed, fast shipping, recommended, thanks!
User:Date:18-May-17 00:49:05 AEST
User:Date:17-May-17 19:28:01 AEST
Praise:Quick delivery, great item as listed & packaged very well - thanks
User:Date:17-May-17 16:36:01 AEST
Praise:Hat super geklappt.
User:Date:17-May-17 15:43:15 AEST
Praise:Thank you for honest describe it item and fast delivery hope to deal again
User:Date:17-May-17 12:29:49 AEST
Praise:Great to deal with
User:Date:17-May-17 12:11:47 AEST
User:Date:17-May-17 02:26:20 AEST
Praise:thx, super fast delivery
User:Date:16-May-17 18:36:18 AEST
Praise:Perfect Thanks +++
User:Date:16-May-17 15:09:19 AEST
Praise:deal was smooth & perfect, hope to deal with you soon again, Thanks!
User:Date:16-May-17 12:48:12 AEST
Praise:Tip top
User:Date:16-May-17 09:29:18 AEST
Praise:Thank you, very fast shipping.
User:Date:16-May-17 08:23:12 AEST
Praise:Thank you!
User:Date:16-May-17 03:23:12 AEST
Neutral:Items not as it looks in a pic. But everything else is ok.
User:Date:16-May-17 00:36:34 AEST
Praise:Good, ok, thanks, recommand,写点中文调皮下
User:Date:15-May-17 23:10:35 AEST
Praise:Great condition,as described
User:Date:15-May-17 22:40:54 AEST
User:Date:15-May-17 17:02:00 AEST
Praise:Sehr guter Zustand wie beschrieben-schnelle Lieferung-alles in Ordnung
User:Date:15-May-17 15:13:20 AEST
Praise:tight packing ! prompt shipping !!
User:Date:15-May-17 15:13:19 AEST
Praise:tight packing ! prompt shipping !!
User:Date:15-May-17 15:12:38 AEST
Praise:tight packing ! prompt shipping !!
User:Date:15-May-17 12:41:06 AEST
Praise:great, thanks
User:Date:15-May-17 11:06:42 AEST
Praise:Great product, easy transaction
User:Date:15-May-17 09:59:57 AEST
Praise:Excellent seller++ Recommended++ Thank you!!
User:Date:14-May-17 13:13:40 AEST
Praise:A great book and guide to get in shape. Fast delivery with care taken. Happy.
User:Date:13-May-17 23:55:16 AEST
Praise:Great item
User:Date:13-May-17 19:27:12 AEST
User:Date:13-May-17 19:08:17 AEST
Praise:Thank you so much !
User:Date:13-May-17 13:35:48 AEST
Praise:Great thank you
User:Date:13-May-17 02:36:28 AEST
Praise:An honor to do business with.
User:Date:13-May-17 00:42:10 AEST
Praise:fast shipping,Thank you so much!
User:Date:12-May-17 23:48:40 AEST
Praise:Book is a good read.
User:Date:12-May-17 18:29:06 AEST
Praise:Fast delivery. Good quality.
User:Date:12-May-17 17:33:55 AEST
User:Date:12-May-17 15:42:00 AEST
Praise:Fast delivery. Very happy.
User:Date:12-May-17 15:41:48 AEST
Praise:Fast delivery. Very happy.
User:Date:12-May-17 08:05:52 AEST
Praise:Very happy thank you! Excellent service, great price, very well packed 5 stars
User:Date:12-May-17 08:03:28 AEST
Praise:Awesome price and product
User:Date:12-May-17 06:15:13 AEST
Praise:Great book and fast shipping
User:Date:12-May-17 05:34:39 AEST
Praise:Fast postage. Thank you so much...
User:Date:12-May-17 04:27:34 AEST
Praise:As described, delivered on time, thank you.
User:Date:11-May-17 20:26:41 AEST
Praise:Easy to deal with! A++++ :) Quick postage! Wonderful seller!
User:Date:11-May-17 19:20:49 AEST
Praise:Alles OK, Danke
User:Date:11-May-17 14:13:18 AEST
User:Date:11-May-17 10:28:40 AEST
Praise:Nice item, great ebayer A+++
User:Date:11-May-17 05:07:31 AEST
Praise:All ok, only very slow shipping
User:Date:11-May-17 04:33:02 AEST
Praise:Great, thanks🙏
User:Date:11-May-17 02:00:44 AEST
Praise:Fast delivery, great book! Thanks a lot!
User:Date:11-May-17 01:36:30 AEST
User:Date:11-May-17 00:34:40 AEST
Praise:Thank you very good ! Very good Seller !!!
User:Date:10-May-17 21:07:05 AEST
Praise:Thanks 😊
User:Date:10-May-17 20:23:41 AEST
Praise:Items Arrived as promised. Good seller, speedy delivery
User:Date:10-May-17 17:19:49 AEST
Praise:Nice book.
User:Date:10-May-17 16:22:02 AEST
Praise:Arrived on time. Good transaction.
User:Date:10-May-17 08:41:29 AEST
Praise:Good service
User:Date:10-May-17 05:40:03 AEST
Praise:Highly recommended!
User:Date:10-May-17 04:40:06 AEST
Praise:Great seller! Thanks! *****
User:Date:09-May-17 18:52:18 AEST
Praise:Very happy with item and shipping time
User:Date:09-May-17 15:44:25 AEST
Praise:Thank you for the item. Exactly as described. :)
User:Date:09-May-17 15:07:07 AEST
Praise:Excellent! Fast, friendly and hassle-free. Highly recommended!
User:Date:09-May-17 01:27:08 AEST
Praise:Thanks arrived safely :) A++
User:Date:08-May-17 22:12:14 AEST
User:Date:08-May-17 20:06:26 AEST
Praise:Fast delivery. Very happy.
User:Date:08-May-17 18:03:51 AEST
Praise:Excellent transaction. Very happy. A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++​++++++++++++++
User:Date:08-May-17 15:19:29 AEST
Praise:Great stuff thank you
User:Date:08-May-17 11:50:11 AEST
Praise:As described, quick postage!
User:Date:08-May-17 11:41:18 AEST
Praise:great item, easy transaction
User:Date:08-May-17 10:40:20 AEST
Praise:fast shipping..thank you
User:Date:08-May-17 08:02:32 AEST
User:Date:08-May-17 07:35:41 AEST
Complaint:Seller did not honor their stated return policy, ebay made me whole.
User:Date:08-May-17 07:14:59 AEST
Praise:Bought this book for my daughter, I hope it works. Arrived quickly, thank you
User:Date:07-May-17 22:13:47 AEST
Praise:Fast service ! Thank u
User:Date:07-May-17 19:12:46 AEST
Praise:Very happy with purchase. Thank you
User:Date:07-May-17 17:08:22 AEST
Praise:Alles Vorbildlich....Recht herzlichen Dank...Gerne wieder ...
User:Date:07-May-17 13:44:45 AEST
Praise:happy with item
User:Date:07-May-17 02:23:13 AEST
Praise:Fast shipping! Item just as described. Recommended seller. buy with confidence
User:Date:07-May-17 01:18:37 AEST
Praise:Item as described- fast postage -recommended -thanks
User:Date:06-May-17 23:08:08 AEST
Praise:It's great...I got it today. Thank you so much. I appreciate ur service
User:Date:06-May-17 21:36:45 AEST
Praise:Everything OK :-)
User:Date:06-May-17 20:28:09 AEST
User:Date:06-May-17 17:54:42 AEST
Praise:Great price and fast delivery. Thanks very much.
User:Date:06-May-17 12:57:28 AEST
Praise:Great, Thanks!
User:Date:06-May-17 12:26:00 AEST
Praise:Great, thank you.
User:Date:05-May-17 20:27:35 AEST
User:Date:05-May-17 19:29:17 AEST
User:Date:05-May-17 14:22:57 AEST
Praise:Fantastic ebayer. A pleasure to do business with.
User:Date:05-May-17 14:22:38 AEST
Praise:Fantastic ebayer. A pleasure to do business with.
User:Date:05-May-17 05:30:01 AEST
User:Date:05-May-17 02:33:27 AEST
Praise:Fast shipping and good service, good product
User:Date:04-May-17 18:04:25 AEST
Praise:Great seller. Thank you
User:Date:04-May-17 17:35:45 AEST
Praise:very good thank you
User:Date:04-May-17 15:44:22 AEST
Praise:A described. Good price. Thank you
User:Date:04-May-17 13:48:27 AEST
Praise:Fast delivery, good quality book - thanks!
User:Date:04-May-17 13:48:26 AEST
Praise:Fast deliver, good quality book - thanks!
User:Date:04-May-17 12:44:01 AEST
User:Date:04-May-17 08:02:25 AEST
Praise:Arrived early, no dints or marks and a fascinating read!
User:Date:04-May-17 07:45:47 AEST
User:Date:04-May-17 07:25:24 AEST
Praise:many many tnx...very good service.
User:Date:04-May-17 04:28:47 AEST
Praise:Very setisfied
User:Date:04-May-17 01:18:47 AEST
Praise:great condition! fast shipping! really recommended dealer!
User:Date:03-May-17 20:37:24 AEST
Praise:Great seller, fantastic pricing, item exactly as described. Pleasure to buy from
User:Date:03-May-17 20:37:14 AEST
Praise:Great transaction
User:Date:03-May-17 20:26:46 AEST
Praise:Bought another because seller was so good ;)
User:Date:03-May-17 17:38:25 AEST
Praise:So excited to read this! Postage was amazing!!
User:Date:03-May-17 17:26:01 AEST
Praise:A+++ item arrived safely, thanks..
User:Date:03-May-17 16:59:54 AEST
Praise:great communication etc - can't wait to try it out 🙂
User:Date:03-May-17 12:23:36 AEST
Praise:Great item, promptly delivered. Five stars!
User:Date:03-May-17 10:41:35 AEST
Praise:arrived in good order
User:Date:03-May-17 05:12:04 AEST
Praise:Thank you.
User:Date:03-May-17 02:48:45 AEST
Praise:Great item arrived quickly. Muito obrigado!
User:Date:02-May-17 23:15:52 AEST
Praise:Very satisfied.
User:Date:02-May-17 21:45:08 AEST
Praise:nice easy transaction
User:Date:02-May-17 20:44:04 AEST
User:Date:02-May-17 19:48:17 AEST
Praise:Excellent service as always! Thanks again.
User:Date:02-May-17 17:14:35 AEST
Praise:Very good seller - quick and accurate!
User:Date:02-May-17 17:08:11 AEST
Praise:Einfach klasse, ohne Probleme, netter Kontakt, sehr gerne wieder, top 100%
User:Date:02-May-17 16:26:28 AEST
Praise:good seller!
User:Date:02-May-17 16:14:19 AEST
Praise:Great seller! Very happy. Thank you.
User:Date:02-May-17 15:04:14 AEST
Praise:Super Ware blitzschnell geleiefert, weiter so
User:Date:02-May-17 13:32:40 AEST
Praise:Amazing, Thank you
User:Date:02-May-17 11:23:48 AEST
Praise:great seller , good communication , item as described
User:Date:02-May-17 09:49:50 AEST
Praise:item received prompt delivery thank you
User:Date:02-May-17 07:19:39 AEST
Praise:Excellent service, well packed.
User:Date:02-May-17 04:52:20 AEST
Praise:Great! Thanks.
User:Date:02-May-17 04:52:03 AEST
Praise:Great! Thanks.
User:Date:02-May-17 04:51:47 AEST
Praise:Great! Thanks.
User:Date:02-May-17 04:04:00 AEST
Praise:excellent book; very careful packing; speedy delivery; highly recommended seller
User:Date:01-May-17 22:17:40 AEST
Praise:Arrived fast and was undamaged
User:Date:01-May-17 14:08:13 AEST
User:Date:01-May-17 12:40:24 AEST
Praise:Very happy with item & delivery time. :)
User:Date:01-May-17 12:29:50 AEST
Praise:A pleasure to deal with. Great transaction thanks.
User:Date:01-May-17 09:35:08 AEST
Praise:Thanks!!! Highly recommend :)
User:Date:30-Apr-17 20:31:09 AEST
User:Date:30-Apr-17 18:49:27 AEST
Praise:Excellent all round would very highly recommend 😃
User:Date:30-Apr-17 17:11:08 AEST
Praise:Deliver as promised. thank you
User:Date:30-Apr-17 11:32:50 AEST
Praise:as advertised. all good.
User:Date:30-Apr-17 04:23:18 AEST
Complaint:Not the item described. Poor communication. eBay had to step in.
User:Date:30-Apr-17 04:13:17 AEST
Praise:Thank you for the manga!!!
User:Date:29-Apr-17 22:24:47 AEST
Praise:excellent service.. A+++++
User:Date:29-Apr-17 22:23:07 AEST
Praise:excellent service.. A+++++