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Postage Info

How soon will we post ?

As a general rule, items are posted within 3-4 business days of purchase. 

There is one exclusion to this general rule - PRE-SALES or PreOrders, that is, items yet to be released in Australia. eBay allows us to list items 22 days in advance of their intended (sometimes it can change !!) release date. Read the description on the listing and note the bright red writing at the top if the item is a pre-sale.


- The most economical method of delivery is Australia Post Regular Parcel Post. Our preferred method of delivery is Australia Post Registered Parcel Post as this option offers security at a low price. Australia Post Express Post is also offered on all our listings.

For Registered Parcel Post or Signature On Delivery, Australia Post provides a unique identification number for every article, proof of posting and a signature is obtained on delivery.

For Express Post, Australia Post provides a unique idenitification number for every article which may provide rudimentary tracking. Note that this is not a signature service and no proof of delivery is available. PLEASE NOTE also, this is an Australia Post service, not a dvdorchard service - your use of this service will/may hasten delivery of your package by Australia Post AFTER WE DESPATCH IT, it does not hasten our processing of your order.

Post Office boxes are encouraged to ensure safe delivery.


- The most economical method of delivery is Standard International Mail (Economy Air Mail for parcels or letters) - there is no tracking provided, items arrive within 2-3 weeks, and are sent by Air.

Next best is what is referred to as Standard Air Mail. It's a little bit faster, more expensive, and has tracking available.

We also offer an express courier service to a number of countries - this is a more expensive service that generally provides delivery within 2-4 days.

Local Pickup facilities are not available at this time.


Delivery Times

We will do three things when your purchase is despatched; We will send you an eBay message, we will send an email to your registered eBay email address, and we will update the eBay sales record - date, estimated transit time, and any tracking info if applicable is advised.


- Regular and Registered Parcel Post - 1 to 3 business days from day of despatch is common. Allow up to 6 business days in remote areas. You are encouraged to call or visit your local Post Office if your parcel is not received within this time frame.


- Your order is shipped from Australia for delivery by your local mail authority. It is common for delivery to be made to the Asia Pacific region within 1 to 2 weeks, and within 2 to 3 weeks to the rest of the world, Local Customs and Postal Authorities permitting.

Delivery Address Changes

eBay (not PayPal) sends us your delivery address information electronically when you place your order. If you have changed your address recently, or wish us to ship to a different address, you need to personally email us with the change sought.

We are not able to monitor address changes and other information provided by any other means, such as in eBay and PayPal notices and advices.

The Free Postage Debate
Why do we have both Postage and Free Postage listings ?
As a general rule, we don't believe Free Postage is good for buyers, for a number of reasons as listed below.  HOWEVER, eBay don't follow our train of thought, and give preference to listings that offer free postage over ones that don't.  So we need to play the game to stay in business.  
The reality is this - Postage is not free.  Australia in fact has one of the highest rates of postage in the world.  We prefer to be transparent in what we do, so you can see the price of the item, and the price we charge for postage and packing.  Believe it or not, paying for postage is often the most economical option.
If postage costs money, why do sellers offer free postage and eBay promote it ?  That's simple, generally speaking, people like stuff that is FREE.  However, few things in life are free, the air that we breath being one of the few remaining.
When an item is sold with free postage, and is posted to you, it costs the seller money.  That cost is built into the price that the seller sets, and comes out of the profit the seller makes.  Whether the seller does this consciously (eg. adds an amount to the price to cover the postage & packaging costs), or otherwise (leaves the price as is and absorbs the postage cost), the fact remains; It costs the seller money to post it to you. 
Free postage can actually cost the buyer MORE.  How is that possible ? 
Let's take a small parcel as an example.  Parcel rates in Australia are often set based on your postcode, how far the item has to go to be delivered - so postage is cheaper from Brisbane to Brisbane than from Brisbane to Perth. 
Now, if the size of what you are selling fits into a prepaid Australia Post satchel then you are set, you know the Australia-wide cost of posting the item.  However, if the item is a non-standard size, and won't fit in a prepaid bag, then the postage rates will differ depending on where you are posting to; the longer it has to travel, the higher the cost.
So if a Seller wants to put free postage on the item mentioned above, how does he/she decide how much the postage will cost ?  Use the lowest cost and cop the postage for the far-away addresses, use the highest cost and cover all bases, or use an average so it more or less comes out in the wash ?
Whichever decision the seller makes, somebody is likely be worse off and somebody better off.  In Australia, Buyers who live in Tasmania and Perth particularly LOVE free postage, why wouldn't they ?
There is one other major disadvantage to free postage.  On eBay, the seller is unable to offer a combined postage discount - because there is no postage.  Why can't the seller just drop the price of the 2nd or subsequent items ?  Because eBay won't allow it.  All the Seller can do is refund off eBay, and having paid eBay selling fees on the full price that is unlikely to happen.  So essentially, buy more than one item and you'll pay full postage on all items, even if they are posted together (which let's face it, is the sensible thing for a seller to do)
A listing with postage costs often has combined postage discounts, 2nd and subsequent items postage cost is often less.
So with dvdorchard, the choice is yours, free post or not.  But at the end of the day it's costing you more or less the same amount of money.

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