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Payment Options


» No Sending money overseas
» No surcharge for PayPal
» Variety of Payment options
» No hidden fees or charges

When buying from an international sellers, you are very likely to be surprised by the cost of sending payment overseas, or the hidden surcharge most sellers charge for using credit cards. We understand it is annoying to pay extra just for making the payment to your seller. Therefore unlike paying many other sellers on eBay, it does not cost you any extra to pay us.

Please note that if your PayPal account fails to provide us with a confirmed address or if it is an unverified account, we may not accept your payment if our risk assessment system deems it unsafe to do so.

Payment methods accepted for AU Customers:

eBay PayPal* with Visa/MasterCard:
We are a PayPal verified business account holder. No surcharge. Dispatch within 24 hours. No shipment to unconfirmed address if buyer has zero ratings.

* eBay PayPal (by Visa/MasterCard)
  1. You must have a verified PayPal account
  2. Your delivery address must be confirmed
  3. DWI reserves the right to withhold any order from dispatch in order to process further security checks. This can delay an order for up to 2 working days.


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