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Founded by the late Frank Nicastri
Frank's Auto Parts was founded by the late Frank Nicastri, and for over 50 years it has been setting the goal posts in the auto recycling industry. Frank worked industriously to establish the successful Frank's brand. He was also known for his commitment to raising awareness about, and shaping the profile of, the Australian auto recycling industry as a whole.

Now under the guidance of Ross and Jenny Nicastri
Frank's son Ross and Ross' wife Jenny bought Frank's in 1992. The business has continued to grow under their management. Frank's now operates from two NSW sites: the original location at Smithfield and an additional site at Queanbeyan. Ross has also continued his father's legacy by supporting and promoting the industry. He has served on various boards, such as the Auto Parts Recyclers Association of Australia, the Auto Recyclers Association based in the USA, and the dismantlers section of the Motor Traders Association.

Offering a range of services
Frank's caters to thousands of collision-repair businesses, mechanical service shops and vehicle dealerships throughout Australia. They offer the largest range of passenger vehicle, van, ute and 4WD parts, including quality used, reconditioned or new parts.

Frank's is an industry leader in auto recycling for a number of reasons. The benefits clients enjoy include:
  • Over 20,000 used parts in stock between the Smithfield and Queanbeyan sites
  • Frank's dismantling facilities are directly linked by a state of the art computer inventory system, allowing Frank's to offer a true one call gets it all facility
  • A variety of contact channels, including email:, phone: (02) 8788 6000, and fax: 1800 13 87 33, serviced by seven full time sales staff
  • A fleet of full time delivery vehicles, so parts arrive on time and in great condition
  • Daily delivery to Canberra, Queanbeyan, Goulburn, the entire Southern Highlands, plus Wollongong, Campbelltown, Greater Sydney and the Central Coast/Newcastle region
  • Standard nationwide 3-month warranty on all parts, with multiple options for extension to lifetime warranty with 12 months labour coverage.

  • 13 USED
    13 USED is an alliance of five auto recyclers, including Frank's. The members are based across Australia and work together to deliver to their customers the first true national supply chain for recycled parts.

    Looking after clients
    Frank's has adopted a policy of constantly delivering beyond clients' expectations. This is a culture that Frank's promotes from the new start employee through to the long term top level of management.

    Key Benefits of Recycled Parts
    Cost Sensitive
    Fleet managers are responsible for ensuring their vehicles receive quality parts, as well as keeping the repairs of their fleet within budget. By choosing recycled parts, fleet managers are able to satisfy both demands.
    Generally, a used part is cheaper than its equivalent new part. On average, the purchaser saves between 40-70% of what it would have cost for a new part - a significant saving.
    Quality is not compromised to achieve this price reduction. Clients know they have made a sound purchase as used parts are still OEM parts.

    Fast Turnaround
    A business that depends on its fleet knows that it is imperative that the fleet remains mobile. To achieve this, vehicles that require replacement parts need to be fitted with them as quickly as possible.
    A recycled part is convenient because it is already assembled; and it can be found, on its way to the mechanic and fitted, in a short space of time. New parts usually take longer as they are typically ordered as component pieces that have to be put together to create the end product.

    Better for the Environment
    A lot of companies consciously strive to minimise their carbon footprint. By purchasing a used part, the buyer makes a tangible and positive choice for the environment.
    Recycling auto parts is the leading form of recycling. When compared with dismantling and reusing an existing part, creating and then fitting a new part uses a significantly higher amount of energy and resources.

    Exceptional Warranties
    Frank's Auto Parts enjoys offering even more than the inherent benefits of choosing used parts, described above. The available warranties for Frank's recycled parts often surpass those offered in the marketplace for new parts.
    The warranties offered by Frank's reinforce to fleet managers, responsible for buying replacement parts, that they have made a wise investment by purchasing a used part.
    Please contact us
    Our office hours are 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. If you would like to contact us outside of these hours, please feel free to email:, fax: 1800 13 87 33.

    We look forward to assisting you.
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