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Where's my order?

We bring together lots of independent sellers from around Australia and overseas. Because their products are all different (which is why you chose to shop with us – good call), and being shipped from different places, they may not all take the same time to reach you. Plus international options can often add extra time on top.

  • Shipping within Australia usually takes 3-7 working days, with international roughly 14-28. It’s worth double-checking the delivery details on each product page though. They’re right there above the payment information and beside the product description.
  • Is your post office holding them hostage? If a few extra days have passed and your order’s still not with you, it’s worth heading down for a friendly visit (especially if you receive a ransom note and sections of your item piece-by-tiny- piece). Missed delivery cards have been known to go missing, so, it could turn out that your parcel’s been waiting for you all along.
  • If you’re still not getting any joy (and to be super clear, we’re still just talking about your delivery), get in touch with the lovely people in our Customer Support team. You can contact them on

Why am I receiving multiple parcels if I only placed one order?

We bring lots of independent sellers together online, so you have one easy place to buy from them all. What we have is a terrific website, hard-working team and a steady flow of cake; what we don’t have: a warehouse and logistics. You do the buying through eBay or our site, then we pass your order onto each seller to make and ship to you themselves. And on the plus-side, it means extra days when you’re looking forward to getting more than bills through the letterbox.

I have only received one part of my order – where’s the rest?

Because our sellers send items to you themselves, rather than through our warehouse (...which we don’t have), parcels from different sellers will arrive separately. To get an idea of when you can expect your order, take a look at the expected delivery date above the payment information. Delivery information can also be found beside the product description.

If it’s been a while, or you’ve ordered more than one item from the same seller but they haven’t all arrived, you have our express permission to not be shy – and get in touch with us directly.

Sign into eBay and go to My eBay and use the ‘more actions’ menu to contact us.

Help! I’ve entered the wrong shipping address!

If you believe any details of your shipping address are incorrect you will need to email us immediately and we will attempt to intercept the order to change the details before it’s sent. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we can change any aspect of any order once placed, but we’ll do our best.

How long will it be until I receive my order?

Sign into eBay and go to My eBay. Click on the order you’d like to check on and boom! You’re there. You’ll find the estimated time frame under the product title.


Do you accept change-of-mind returns?

Impulse buying – hey, we’ve all been there. You can return your items within 30 days* – no questions asked – and we’ll issue a refund for the same amount.

If the item was a gift for someone, they can’t return it on the sly, though. Because we’re only able to refund the account of the person who actually did the buying, you’ll have to have that awkward conversation so the giver can return it for something more suited. But we’re all adults here (unless the fussy one in question is still in a romper suit, or your cat).

Get in touch with our Customer Support team to get your returns ball rolling:

*Yes, there’s a Conditions apply asterisk. Nothing sneaky, just play-fair stuff. Click to see our returns policy."

The item I bought doesn’t fit – can I exchange it?

Too big, too small, but not just right? Return any item that doesn't fit and we'll give you a refund so you can order another size (or get swayed by a different item that might have caught your eye). Your refund will be the original purchase price minus any shipping costs you might have had to pay, and you can spend it bit by bit on lower cost items, all at once on an identically priced item, or put it towards the cost of a full-luxe treat. The only items on the Can't Return List are underwear, earrings for pierced ears and opened food – collective 'ew' – plus items you've had personalised. Just common-sense stuff.

Get in touch with our Customer Support team to get your returns ball rolling:

*Here’s that Conditions apply asterisk again. Nothing to fear – we’re on the level. Click to see our returns policy.

What’s your returns policy?

Thar she blows! Click to see our returns policy.

Do you offer free returns?

While most of our sellers offer free shipping, the fact that they’re small businesses means free returns aren’t an option for them at this point. But free one way is better than free no way…yes?

My order arrived damaged.

UNACCEPTABLE! The parcel was obviously too irresistible not to shake. If you could take a photograph or two showing the damage and email it to our Customer Support team at we’ll get onto a replacement or refund right away.

The item I ordered is not as expected.

The only thing as disappointing as receiving an item that doesn’t look like its picture is the muddy world of internet dating. We understand completely if you’d like to return it – no questions asked if it’s within 30 days*.

Our Customer Support team will see you right. Contact them here:

*To get the jump on your options, take a look at our totally-clear, easy-to-understand and confusing-small-print-free returns policy"

Where do you ship from?

From wherever our sellers are, be that a Sydney suburb, sleepy country town or...Lithuania. And several places in between. We show where every item will be shipped from on its product page, plus include estimated delivery details beside the product description.

What's the best and safest way to return an item?

Two words: BUBBLE WRAP. We can’t recommend it highly enough, plus any extra padding you can include if the item is fragile. A solid cardboard backing is also a great idea if the item can be easily bent (e.g. a print).

A good rule of thumb is packing it so it could be dropped from a 1 metre height without breaking (packages can be subjected to a little rough treatment along the way). Because we can only give you a full refund if the item arrives in a re-sellable condition, it’s worth swaddling it – and swaddling it good! – before sending. We’d also suggest you use a trackable service, too.

How much time do I have to return an item?

You’ve got 30 days to let us know that you’d like to return it, then 10 days to post your item back after we’ve given your return the green light for go.

How long will it take to receive a refund?

We’ll process your refund as soon as the seller lets us know that they’ve received your item(s), safe and sound.


How can I sell my products on hardtofind?

You clever, creative person you. We’re always on the lookout for original, exceptionally crafted products to help our customers shake off the same-old, same-old chain-store fatigue. Start by filling out our application form – – and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

How does hardtofind work?

Hardtofind is an online marketplace. We offer products for purchase on behalf of various Sellers (including by taking orders and collecting payment) as the agent of the Seller, and not on our own behalf. If you place an order for a product on our eBay Store, you are placing that order with the Seller of the product. If you have any queries about the product or delivery, please contact our Customer Support team: See our Terms & Conditions.

We’ve scoured Australia – and the wider world – for unique, exceptional products from independent craftspeople and manufacturers. And we’ve brought them all together on eBay & Through these websites, it’s easy to buy stunning sandals from Byron Bay; Paris-designed hot-dog rings and mugs with attitude from England – all through the one checkout and purchase process, all with the support of our dedicated Customer Support team if anything goes awry.

Once you buy from us, the seller will send you your items directly, for that extra personal touch.

Do you ship internationally?

We are eBay Australia at the moment, so we only ship to addresses within Australia at the moment. But watch this space...

I’m sending my order as a gift. Do you include an invoice?

One step ahead of you, our friend. Rest assured that the packing slip our sellers include doesn’t show the price of the item.

Do you have a physical store?

The internet is our storefront. Our sellers ship to you directly. And Beyoncé is our jam. So no is the answer to your question, but we’re doing our best to bring our unique brand of mad-fresh taste to The Matrix.

How much does delivery cost?

Most of our sellers offer FREE shipping Australia-wide. We’re so chuffed with it, we said it in caps. Some, however, may charge a small shipping fee for certain items or orders. If a product is delivered FREE (there we go again) we spell it out on the product page, otherwise we’ll let you know the delivery charge on the product page.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. We don’t accept IOU notes, promises or cake. This has been subject to rigorous debate.

I didn't receive an order confirmation. How can I check if my order has been placed successfully?

Spam, spamalot, spam-a-lam. Most spam folders are renowned for their insatiable appetites, so make sure you add to your contact list. That way, your order confirmations will come to your inbox as the retail deities intended.

To double-check your order status, sign in to eBay and go to My eBay, then click on the order that’s triggered your sharply raised eyebrow.

How can I check if my order has been shipped?

As soon as your item’s en route, the seller updates your order status online and we send you an email. High-five, teamwork. Or you can click on the tracking link in your My eBay to find out more.

Can I send an order to another address?

Why? What do you have to hide? KIDDING. Of course you can. All you need to do is enter the address you’d like your order shipped to at checkout.

I have a question about a product.

No problem. We’ve got two ways of getting you an answer, each more reliable than a Zoltar machine and involving far less dancing on giant pianos. On each product page, you’ve got full disposal of the ‘Ask a question about this product’ link (you’ll find it under the product description), or, once you’ve bought something, you can reach out to our Customer Support team on No word on handsome/beautiful strangers in your future, though.