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Who are we?
We’re a friendly, passionate and energetic bunch of people providing optimum services! iCollected provides Pokemon & YuGiOh TCG for all ages! From those little beginners starting their first collection to the knowledgeable Pokemon Masters and Master Duelist, we’ll help you start or complete your collecting journey.
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What do we do?
Besides countless hours of designing and re-designing this magnificent store, we sit around with a coffee and doughnut and wait for customers to message us! We’re always happy to respond to messages, questions and even complaints!

During busier seasons (i.e. Christmas), we lay down the doughnut (coffee still there!), roll up our sleeves and work hard in order to fulfill ALL orders promptly and correctly; making sure you get your order in time for Christmas, Birthdays or a Pokemon TCG tournament!
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Where did this idea come from?
Well, ever since we were kids, we’ve loved Pokemon! Pokemon trading card game arrived in our late Primary School years and we took them on board like a true Pokemon Fan. The joy of opening a booster packet to find a gleaming Holographic Super Rare card was an amazing feeling! It always brings a smile to our faces when we think back…

Now that we’re old enough to sell, we’ve decided to do so on eBay! eBay is just the right environment for us to start and grow! A friendly community, great selling tools and LOTS and LOTS of customers – keeps us busy (a good thing, otherwise we’ll sit still and become unhealthy eating all those doughnuts!).
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When did we start?
We started collecting cards YEARS ago, before the age of Dual Core PCs, before Cable internet was around, before…you get the point. The list goes on and on! However, we’re very young when it comes to selling. Contrary to our youth in selling, our decade of experience collecting means that we have gained a vast amount of knowledge about Pokemon & Yugioh Cards and products! We THINK like a buyer - We know what you want and how much you want it for!
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How old are we?
Not telling! =P

How are we able to provide such low prices?
Well, we buy bulk and we sell at wholesale prices! Simply put, we sell at SUPER CHEAP prices!

How many of us are there?
10 Bajillion! We’re actually Aliens…who like to sell Pokemon & Yugioh Cards, eat doughnuts and drink coffee. It’s the truth! =)

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