About Janggalay

We believe in great design and natural products. Products that are modern and relaxing for you, your family and your home. Wherever possible we try to exclude toxins from our environment and found that the homewares we consume needed to support this too. However,  it wasn't easy to find them all in one place. That is why we opened Janggalay Homewares!

Janggalay is an Aboriginal word meaning free-spirit and easy-going from the beautiful North Coast of NSW. It is a word that describes the products we sell and the environment that we hope to nurture and support when you choose to buy from Janggalay.

We aim to provide homewares that are organic, eco friendly, sustainably sourced or provide ethical income streams for developing communities. We strive to source products that are handmade, help people live sustainably and recycle, provide fair trade opportunities for disadvantaged communities and groups whenever possible or are biodegradable. We hope you like our collection.